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Alumni Quarterly. Course Catalog. Introductory Wisdom School. Faith is a process, not a goal. He is the first in a long line of believers to find himself declared righteous before God because he believed God. His spiritual children should show the same characteristics as their father, Abraham.

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Some families inherit a certain nose or chin. A parent will look at a newborn and say, 'He has my hands. Those are the traits that mark us as believers. In our work for the Kingdom, do we show a spiritual resemblance to Abraham, our father in faith, or are there characteristics in our soul pointing to a more unsavory ancestry? If we are Abraham's children in the faith, then the goal of our faith should be the same as Abraham's.

What should that goal be—a new home, a boat, or perhaps a Lincoln Continental? Believe it or not, these are some of the answers that I have heard.

My Religious Journey

This ability to look ahead to what he hoped to see was Abraham's key to living in faith. In fact, the land he was called to by God was not given to him until after he had returned from Egypt and his nephew Lot had chosen the green pastures to the east Gen. Abraham obeyed God's word without the incentive of a promised inheritance of land and progeny. Abraham simply moved on God's command; the land and family were his reward for obedience.

In fact, Abraham received only God's promise. He never actually possessed the land or saw, except through the eyes of faith, the nation God would make from him.

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Nevertheless, he believed and obeyed. It is a process to be lived, not a theology to hide our inactivity. Men and women of faith, however, are in constant movement. They do not set up a permanent residence of belief in their minds but remain flexible enough to abide in 'tents. Like the Israelites in the desert following the pillar of fire, if we want to get to where God is going, we have to pick up our belongings and move. Unfortunately, some people haven't experienced a faith movement in years, and you can tell that because they are still sitting in the same pew they sat in as children--the one with the family name on the brass tag on the aisle side, so everyone will know where to find them.

No faith is required if we always know where we are and have no plans of going anywhere else. He never possessed the land he reached.