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Readers see the struggles that the children face learning a new language, feelings of isolation, and then each child gaining confidence in their new home. All children can relate to new experiences, and this book helps to go a little further and imagine not knowing the language it also shows the power of kindness children can show to someone new and how a little goes a long way.

Lina and Feroza meet when they each find one sandal belonging to a pair when aid workers deliver clothing to the refugee camp where they are living. Instead of one girl having both, they decide to share and their friendship blossoms. The details about how and why they are at the refugee camp are subtle, younger children may not grasp on to them but older children will and it will spark wonderful questions and discussion.

The heart of this story is hope amid terrible circumstance and friendship that feeds that hope. The fact that somebody like you, so talented and educated waste your time writing and trying to push a different culture in our American culture is disappointing! My comments are moderated and I have been busy with graduate school assignments, so I missed this. The Muslim faith is not a single culture and American culture does not have a single faith.

This book list is celebrating a religion that may be different than yours and many of my readers which are the perfect reasons to read it. These books very much have a place here on my blog as well as in this country. I am sorry this list disappoints you, I too am disappointed in your view. God bless you Allison and this beautiful list.

We, too, are Christian and find a great deal of value in exposing our children to those of all faiths and backgrounds, as you rightfully pointed out, is part of the Christian mission. Only when our children see the beauty that surrounds us in our differences can they truly understand their peers and varying points of view. Therefore, making a more peaceful world for us all to live in.

Beautifully put! Happy to hear your courageous words, sister. There is always niche for hope in people like you. The American culture is a melting pot of different cultures. To expose our children to one point of view is limiting them. Hello Allison, thank you for publishing this booklist. We own a few of the titles and I plan to buy the ones we are missing. In the book the author introduces readers to not only Eid-al-Fitr but also Hanukkah and Christmas. Thank you Fatema, that sounds like something I would love to share with my readers.

I will find a copy. Reza came to the US more than 2 decades ago as a Kurdish refugee from Iran and raised his family in Maine. My illustrations are inspired by his family and their home. Anne, thank you for writing such a great inclusive book. Thank you as well for this other book recommendation. Thanks again! This ia a wonderful list.

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I think you should add the two noble scribes by June publishing and the muslims graphic novel by Ahmad Philips. My son especially loved these two. I am a Muslim mom and former public school teacher and this was one of the first links that popped up on Google as I was searching for new books for my kids…thank you so much for writing and posting this list…it means a lot to see this on such a mainstream and popular site like yours. This is a great list. I bet you are aware of the new Simon and Schuster imprint Saalam Reads — dedicated to bringing muslim stories to all young readers.

There is some exciting stuff coming out from this imprint. Again — thanks for your good work! This is a great book for my son to dive into! Thank you for this wonderful list! I teach at a refugee resettlement school in Maryland and many of my students are Muslim immigrants.

Your email address will not be published. I Looked Everywhere. Who, Who, Who? Apple Tree. Spirals, Spirals Everywhere. We Make a Snowman. Lucy Did It. All About Penguins. Then and Now. Mash the Potatoes. All About Spiders. What Can We Draw? Sherman Sure Is Shy. The Animals of Canada. My Teacher. You Like What? How Many? Elephant Car Wash. The Box. Mongo and Cutie. Birthday Party. Go Away, Lily. At the Fair. Winter Hats. Yummy, Yummy. The Festival of Lights. When Is Nighttime? Open and Close. Abby and Zots.

What Do I Wear? Get In. All About Earthworms. The Woodsy Band Jam. City Shapes. We Count. What Season Is It? Wash Your Hands. Water Fight! Taking Turns. We Buy. I Wonder. How Frogs Grow. The Moon. My Clothes Are Too Small. Fall Foods. Animals That Sting. Selfish Sasha. Machines at Home. That's a Fruit? What I Want. Too Hot!

There Is a Mouse in the House. Busy At School. Allie and Ollie. Pick Me!

Author Eve Bunting was born in Ireland in - ReadWriteThink

Jack and Lily's Favorite Food. I Want to Be a Cat. Who Stole the North Pole? What's for Breakfast? I Can Be. Quiet or Loud? How Many Wheels? Snow Falls. Going Away. What Does the Wind Move? Teeth Brushing Fun. Making Salsa! What Is at the Zoo? Take a Bite. Fall Fun. Building a Road. What's My Job? What Animals Eat. The Easter Egg Hunt. We Make Good Choices. Moms Do So Much. We Learn to Swim. One Stubborn Horse. Many Kinds of Dinosaurs.

Road Trip. Strange Animals. More Baby Animals. Different Kinds of Sharks. What Can I Be? Build a World. A Place Called Home. New Again. Under That Rock. How Do They Swim? Do Not Eat That! I Count Things. Backyard Camping. My New City. Buddy the Bear. What to Wear? What Do You See? Because You Recycle. Who Runs Faster? My Neighborhood. Pick a Pie. Animal Costumes. Best Friends Q and U. Katie and Katie. Maria's Halloween. Why Can't I? I Need An Eraser.

To the Woods. Tiger Sharks. Mud Balls! Welcome Back, Butterflies. Community Helpers. Swamp Music. The Busy Pond. Give Them Back! Grow, Vegetables, Grow! Getting Around the City. Stone Soup. Animal Tongues. My First Class Play. Shave It Off! Less Than. Let's Make a Bird Feeder. Reindeer Are Real. Little Loon. River Otters. Amazing Places to Work. The Mitten. Future Flowers. We Give Away. To the Store. I Like My Hair. Sky High! Just a Trim. Where Plants Grow. Whale Watching. A Day for Dad. Bees Feed Me.

Nothing Scares Me! Bats Day and Night. Lily the Cat. Insect Wings. Polly Gets Out. Pillow Fort Password. No, Lily, Don't! Who Wants to Play Basketball? The Sky Is Falling. Frog Is Hungry. Country Places. Our Good Night Story. I Hide. Dollars and Cents. Where Animals Live. Tootsie Can Talk. At the Library. The Team. Tadpole Teasing. All About Foxes. I Did Not Give Up!

Imagine the Beach. My New School. Greater Than. Silent e. Animal Horns. At a Fall Fair. All About Coyotes. Nothing for Father's Day. Ava Is a Vegan. Places Plants and Animals Live. Winter Sports. A Day of Firsts. All Kinds of Farms. Let's Make Lemonade.

Lunch Boxes. Where Are My Things? All Kinds of Factories. What's In That Pouch? How Many Teeth? Dolly's Drama Queen Day. Carlos's First Halloween. What's for Dinner? Country Animals. The Brothers G. How to Tie Your Shoes. Crazy Cakes. Making Pizza. A Week With Grandpa. Shoes Men Wear. Kaden's Kwanzaa. Tiny Tugboat. Not Enough Snow.

Time For Bed. Say "Cheese". A Walk With Mom. Police Officers. City Animals. Goodbye Snow. The Storm. Zots Learns to Play. I'd Like To Be. The Boy Who Cried "Wolf! Let's Carve a Pumpkin. I Am Your New Plant. Sew Who? Shapes in Tide Pools. When I Grow Up. The Leaning Tower. At the Rodeo. Animals, Animals.

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Runaway Snowball. Fantastic Phil. Getting Ready for School. Class Pets. Food Trucks. I Am Thankful. Wake Up, Bear! Five Seconds to Blastoff! The Four Seasons. The Sisters C. All Kinds of Musical Instruments. Try, Try Again. In the Mountains. Caring For Earth. A Sweet Tale. All About Orcas. Grandparents Day. Maddy Loves to March.

The Class Pet. Bath Time. Sloth Wants to Snooze. The Contest. Jobs We Do at School. Lost and Found. Make a Tree Friend. What Is in the Box? Doctor Jen. Shoes Women Wear. Stop Snoring! Happy Birthday, Snag! Bear and Kangaroo. I Work at the Stables. Arctic Animals. Too Much Work! Muddy Boots. The First Strawberry. Hooray for the Farmer's Market! Zots Goes to School. Which Tree? City Places. Calming Down. Jobs for James. We Do Yoga. Smart Crows. Community Workers. Changing Seasons.

On the Moon. Ramadan Is Here. Fishtank Fun. Scaredy Crow. Election Day. The Snowstorm. Princess Prefix. At the Movies. Who Needs Rain? How Do They Move? Following the Map.

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Eat Like a Pig. Bake Sale. Where Is Cub? Friends in the Stars. Josh Gets Glasses. Lou's Flu. Needs and Wants. Many Roads. Night Animals. Super Thrift. Our Camping Trip. Monster Reading Buddies. Hatching Eggs. Flashlight Shadow Show.

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How Is the Weather Today? Two for Me, One for You. Best of Friends. At the Watering Hole. Are You Okay? Sir Suffix. Are You From India? Color Wheel Colors. A Look at Fossils. Zots Helps Out. Hide and Seek with Zog. I Am a Gymnast. Animal Dads. Are You From Brazil? The Tortoise and the Hare. Rock Climbing. The Sunflower Hut. Double It! Fishing with Grandpa. Battery Power! How to Make a Snow Person. What's In That Shell?

Mother's Day. Does It Sink or Float? A Clown Face. The Last Piece of Cake. Our Class Flag. The Giant Turnip. In a Chinese Garden. The Three Little Pigs. Weird White House Pets. A Pet for Jupe. The Food Chain. Thank You, Everyone! Using Less Energy. Stella Storyteller. Four Friends. Taste This. Cleaning My Room. Gaggle, Herd, and Murder. At the Airport. Stop It, Zots!

I Need a Snow Day! Some Birds Go. Farm Friends. Squirrel Acrobats. Living Or Nonliving? Being a Leftie. How to Build a Guitar. Wiggly Worms. Places People Live. Stars and Stripes. Look At This Book! Carlos Joins the Team. Rude Robot. Peace and Quiet. Miles the Nile Crocodile. Long Ago and Today. The Spider's Web. Taking the Train. Grow Tomatoes in Six Steps. I Bet I Can. Caring for Your Dog. Monster Halloween. A Seed Grows. Going to the Dentist. Let's Go to the Circus!

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The Little Red Hen. Whose Eggs Are These? A Taste for Blood. New Rule! Loose Tooth. Animal Eyes. Amazing Mummies. Time of Day. Beanie and the Missing Bear. Moving Bridges. Rock Hunting. The Camel and the Pig. Building a House. Laws for Kids. Maria Joins the Team. The Legend of Nian. We Build a Robot.

Bonk's Bad Dream. Monsters' Stormy Day. Science Fair. All Kinds of Homes. Ough is Tough. Pedro's Burro. Billy Gets Lost.

The Reason for Sneezing. Two Daughters. Meet the Beetles. The Food We Eat. Good Luck! Why Do Leaves Change Color? This Is a Bird. Penny the Rude Penguin. A Trip to Petra. The Queen Ant's Birthday. Ride, Cling, Run. Groundhog Goes Outside. How Many Rhymes? The Hard Frost. Let's Build a Fairy Bridge. Signs Are Everywhere. My Day. Zots Learns to Share.

Fire Safety. Harriet Tubman. Homemade Halloween. Going to the Doctor. Are You From Australia? Ready, Set, Bike! The Chase. What in the World Is That? Bonk's Loose Tooth. A President's Day. American Symbols. On the Roof. Ants, Ants, and More Ants. Mystery Valentine. Troll Bridge.

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