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An online presence can give your business a real boost — as can being cyber savvy and staying safe online. Here are 5 ways digital can transform your business. We have a range of online and mobile tools that can help you to manage and grow your business. Boost your knowledge with tutorials on key digital areas, such as security, e-commerce, coding, international online trading, and using big data for efficient marketing.

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The National Cyber Security Centre, part of Government Communication Headquarters, has guidance on cyber security for small businesses. Learn how to improve digital security within your business — easily and at low cost. To help you save time with the essentials of running your business, check out gov. Here you can learn about the many business admin tasks you can do online, such as registering a trade mark and renewing commercial property leases. Make managing cashflow easier with the help of digital tools.

Your dashboard brings together information from your business bank accounts and the apps you use to run your business — such as Xero, Quickbooks or PayPal. Read more about what GDPR means for businesses. When it comes to storing digital files and documents, online cloud storage is an efficient way to keep important company data safe, yet accessible.

You can also securely store documents, like staff IDs and payroll information, through our business online banking. Growing a digital presence for your business can boost awareness and reach among existing and potential customers. A good place to start is with a website.

13 Proven Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Selling your product or services online through e-commerce can hugely increase your potential customer base. Social media is a great way to reach thousands of people across a variety of platforms. They help us learn a bit about you and how you use our website, which improves the browsing experience and marketing - for both you and others. Cookies are stored locally on your computer or mobile device. To accept cookies, continue browsing as normal or visit our cookie policy link in the footer to choose the cookies you wish to accept. If you clear your browser history to disable or delete all cookies, your cookie preference will automatically be reset to accept all cookies.

Please visit the cookie policy to make further changes. Relationship banking coupled with industry expertise and a history of innovation. As the first UK bank with a dedicated Business Services team, Barclays can help you contract out key operations with confidence. Experienced specialists deliver solutions and support for social housing, education, government and local authority bodies.

Industry specialists provide solutions to meet the challenges of a competitive and fast-moving sector. As the first UK bank to create a dedicated TMT team, Barclays has a wealth of experience to support innovative tech, media and telecoms businesses. We provide world-class solutions, insight and support — wherever you need.

Across Europe, we provide corporate banking services supported by deep local market knowledge. Since then they have launched three more rooms: Homicide, Alcatraz and Placebo and been voted 1 for fun and games on TripAdvisor. I started working at The Great Escape in January , just a month after it opened. The concept itself is very similar to the hit show Crystal Maze, only you are immersed into a story, like a real-life movie scenario or a video game.

The owners realised that there was gap in the market over in the UK and took the plunge. In the early stages, as with many businesses, we found that lack of awareness was a huge hindrance. We wanted to do something that would get the city talking, something that would reflect our creative edge as a business and most importantly, something cheap. With a CSIstyle theme we thought about how we could convey this to the city.

The advice I would give to other business owners hoping to make a big marketing impact is: think creative and make sure it applies back to your business. For example, in our case, we thought: What will create more impact: a logo, or a dead body stencil? We got many angry calls from council staff who were unhappy about us painting on the pavement. We told them what we used was chalk paint and per cent biodegradable, but they responded that they had just painted over it in black paint!

This meant that the chalk paint degraded, showing the original pavement colour surrounded by a black box, meaning the council had effectively created a permanent advert for us. All By Mama is an online marketplace for businesses run by mums juggling work and family life. The idea for the business came when I was on maternity leave with my first son Leonardo, who is now four. Coming from a marketing background and worrying about the long hours after maternity leave, I was looking for ways to work more flexibly around my son and support others to do the same. I felt very isolated and thought there must be others in the same situation.

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It was all driven by a passion to work flexibly and find a community who wanted to do the same. Having spent a lot of time working on my career as a marketing director predominantly for Disney, I was still ambitious and wanted to put my mind to something without having to miss school runs and bedtimes. To begin with we relied on social media and word of mouth. We did a lot of networking, picking up the phone and telling people about our business and posting on social media. Social media, specifically Facebook, worked to provide us with a basic base of possible customers who were engaged with the brand and the idea but the difficulty was converting that interest to a purchase.

When we launched, Facebook was easier to use without spending too much and we quickly grew our community very cost effectively. This is a different story now and, while still an important part of our marketing plan, we do need to spend more to achieve similar results. Entering awards ceremonies worked well for us.

These things really helped us raise our profile and give us something to talk about without costing us any money. It gave our customers the confidence to purchase from us too. The other thing that worked well was to build a database from our networking and emails received that we could communicate with regularly.

We review our marketing regularly. Our marketing plans for include using social media, collaborations, newsletters, events, paid search and influencer engagement. We still look at ways to reach our audience in a cost-effective way and when we spend against social media we ensure that we are measuring the results. Make sure you look at the results of your campaign, review and make amends where you need to — you need to be analytical. This year we will be placing a focus on video and customer experience. Jonathan Lemer, co-founder of Brainbroker , talks about his wide-ranging promotional efforts in the early stages of his virtual consultancy company, in particular the power of email marketing for businesses on a budget.

We work with a network of over expert technology freelancers and software partners to make technology projects more effective and affordable for our clients.

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Our marketing efforts have been wide-ranging. Starting the business, we pretty much avoided online marketing options and focused purely on networking and exhibiting at events. We joined the networking groups Urbano and Business Junction and found this to be really beneficial.

You pay a membership cost but have access to loads of meet-ups around London. This was brilliant for us because typically the stakeholders turn up so you can go straight to the decisionmaker.

Face-to-face pitching is also really helpful when starting out as it helps refine your sales patter and test assumptions. As I mentioned, networking and exhibiting worked well.

Contracting at Barclays

At a networking event where you would have approximately 50 people in a room; we were always able to pick up at least 20 business cards and ultimately at least one or two clients. While pricing has increased in the past 18 months or so, video is still a relatively cheap method of advertising. This did not generate too many customers but we were able to test some of our content and messaging by analysing click-throughs. Email marketing is a case in point in how it is possible to do effective marketing on a budget.

There are a myriad of options available in the area, in terms of methodologies and automation tools, each alleging to be better than one another. Costs can easily spiral out of control with email marketing and it is important to do your research and be proactive. After testing a number of different options we settled on a formula that has become a mainstay of our strategy ever since. The beauty of this method was that were able to scale it up without too much effort, so we would be able to send out 2, emails a week.

By the third email it was around the 10 per cent mark. We have been typically able to convert about 30 per cent of those prospects into paying customers. At present we are using a range of marketing techniques. To keep those leads warm we send out regular newsletters to our network, which is all about providing interesting content rather than anything too salesy.

We do email marketing for cold prospecting which is responsible for about 20 per cent of our client base.

Uncertain if making the move from permanent to contracting is for you?

The remaining in the main part comes from paid advertising, specifically paid search and paid social.