Christopher Marlowe in Context (Literature in Context)

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Christopher Marlowe in Context

As an avaricious merchant, Barabas displays the kind of strategic cunning that is at odds with Christian notions of altruism but shares much with Machiavellian self-advancement. The play garners a deeply ambivalent response from its audience: on the one hand, we admire Barabas's clever duplicity but on the other, we resent him for his unfeeling manipulation of human beings. In many respects, Marlowe is similar to his protagonist in that the playwright was also decried as a Machiavellian schemer with little loyalty towards his country.

It is for readers to determine whether The Jew of Malta is Marlowe's attempt at discrediting Machiavelli, or whether the playwright is satirizing Elizabethan England's stereotyped view of this author.

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The Jew of Malta by: Christopher Marlowe. Themes Motifs Symbols Key Facts. Important Quotations Explained. Further study Context.

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Christopher Marlowe in Context by Emily C. Bartels

The Jew of Malta: Popular pages. Take a Study Break. VictoryTradiN 2. A contemporary of William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson, Christopher Marlowe was one of the most influential early modern dramatists, whose life and mysterious death have long been the subject of critical and popular speculation. This collection sets Marlowe's plays and poems in their historical context, exploring his world and his wider cultural influence.

Marlowe’s poetically odd life, presented in context

Chapters by leading international scholars discuss both his major and lesser-known works. Divided into three sections, 'Marlowe's works', 'Marlowe's world', and 'Marlowe's reception', the book ranges from Marlowe's relationship with his own audience through to adaptations of his plays for modern cinema.

  • Christopher Marlowe in Context by Emily C. Bartels.
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  • Other contexts for Marlowe include history and politics, religion and science.