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Time and again there is a lack of communication. When there are problems the subcontractor is blamed. Managing your subcontractors Some important points to note when managing subcontractors are to ensure: 1. Should you care? By understanding the problem you may be able to take action to rectify the problem or at least prevent it from getting worse.

It is important to follow the contract and ensure the correct notifications are given. Withholding payment for poor performance without providing the appropriate notifications may result in the GC being in breach of contract. Failure to manage subcontractors properly often leads to disputes, claims, project delays, substandard work and even accidents.

Other articles by the author: Are your subcontractors profitable? Is the cheapest really the cheapest? The importance of planning your project. Both books are available in paperback and e-book from Amazon and other retail outlets.

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This article is adapted from information included in these books. Our construction managers involvement with the design team before construction ensures that the project is designed within the budgeted value.

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Many people assume that hiring a construction manager means that the project cannot be competitively priced, and this could not be further from the truth! Every construction management project is competitively bid to qualified subcontractors, and the owner has the option of being involved in the process. Chapter 34 Wood Flooring.

Chapter 7 Formwork. Chapter 8 Concrete Placing and Finishing. Chapter 9 Shotcrete. QuestionsModule Two Chapters Chapter 10 Structural Steel. Chapter 11 Metal Decking. Chapter 12 Miscellaneous Metals.

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Chapter 13 Expansion Joint Covers. Chapter 14 SprayApplied Fireproofing. QuestionsModule Three Chapters Chapter 15 AboveGrade Waterproofing. Chapter 16 Lath and Plaster. Chapter 17 Precast Concrete.

Chapter 18 Masonry. Chapter 19 Metal Panels.

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Chapter 20 Roofing. Chapter 21 Flashing and Louvers.

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Chapter 22 Glass and Glazing. Chapter 23 Caulking and Sealants. QuestionsModule Four Chapters Chapter 24 Framing and Drywall. Chapter 25 Building Insulation and Fire Safing.