Diapers on the Clothes Line: My Journey Through Infertility

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Every visit, I was disappointed as my HbA1c hovered around 6. Though the fertility doctors are the gatekeepers to treatment that will allow me to get pregnant again, I don't hold any ill will against them for guarding that gate. What they want is what I want — a healthy and safe pregnancy that results in a healthy and safe mama and baby.

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I love these doctors for giving me that gift once, and I appreciate them wanting the best for my family before we move forward. Over the last several years, I've learned my primary doctor at the fertility clinic is a straight shooter. I know I can be frank with him, and he will give me the un-sugarcoated truth.

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When he told me three years ago, "I will get you to ovulate, but I can't guarantee what will happen after that," I felt confident but didn't have unrealistic expectations. I sobbed, but I knew I could trust him to be straight with me. Obviously, it was a viable pregnancy, but I still call her "fiddy" sometimes.

It was his practical demeanor I appealed to when I wrote him a personal message a few weeks ago. I detailed the steps I have taken this year, and how my numbers have improved.

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  7. I told him of my frustration that I haven't hit the target, my fear that it might not be possible. I told him of my serious concern that once I'm on the other side of 40, it won't get any easier or safer for me to be pregnant. He called me that afternoon. We discussed my plan with the endocrinologist to be even more aggressive in the next two months to push my numbers down. I will continually strive to help others understand what a marvelous creation each individual is and to cherish and protect life. Hope Clinic offers people this amazing hope.

    Rare is the the client who comes to us excited to learn more about her planned pregnancy. Megan and her boyfriend Andrew had broken up after six months. Though they got back together, both Megan and Andrew had seen other people during their split. This brought a great deal of fear and anxiety to Megan. Megan was extremely abortion vulnerable from the fear she experienced. She shared with her Client Advocate that she had taken the Plan B abortion pill in the recent past.

    FPRC was able to schedule an ultrasound for Megan.

    She still had not shared with Andrew that she had been with someone else during their brief split. She was alarmed over nightmares of going through labor and delivering a baby that looked nothing like Andrew and was tormented by this.


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    Gradually, Megan began attending Church and felt the comfort of the Holy Spirit, as well as the peace of forgiveness. Megan had decided that she needed to tell Andrew that she had been with someone else during their split. She was fearful but felt that if she and Andrew were to have a future together, she needed to be honest with him. Megan shared that Andrew was so gentle and patient with her. He assured her that no matter what, he loved her and the baby she carried. They were both honest with each other, even though what they had to say to each other was both hard to say and hard to receive.

    Through mutual humility, they realized their love was strong. Everyone at the Center was thrilled when Megan came in for her appointment with a wedding ring on - she and Andrew had eloped! A few very short weeks later, a new baby boy, Marcus, was born.

    Megan continued to come to classes to learn about her baby and her new role as Mom. She is grateful for the Center and her Client Advocate. Megan shared that she and Andrew pray at night together, thanking God for the blessing of their little family.


    After Marcus was only four months old, Megan came to the Center, though not for a lesson. She came in for a pregnancy test. Sure enough, Megan learned that she is pregnant again! Her new baby will be born within a year of her son.


    She and Andrew are surprised and very excited. Because of the education they receive at the Center, they feel confident in their ability to navigate this new pregnancy as they nurture their son. I came to California to visit my mom, clear my head and figure out what I was going to do. I was five weeks pregnant and only two weeks clean from drugs. I came to FPRC looking for guidance.

    I sat down and was able to hear about all of my options. Remember when we tried to answer the question if eating french fries aids in IVF success? The History of the Pineapple Pineapples and infertility go hand in hand. The history of the pineapple may have started when…. What goes on behind the scenes, and can she give us some inside information on how embryos are handled? My name is…. I was tempted to slip in another question about my estrogen levels at trigger day, but Mr.

    Frugalcrib wisely prevented me from making things too awkward ;.

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    Please introduce yourself. My name…. I mean, judging by… view post. Besides being late, our little girl has been pretty… view post. Or… view post.