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There are a lot of moving pieces to planning a successful family reunion.

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Doing it by yourself will wear you out and can be overwhelming. Delegating tasks to volunteers such as catering, accommodation, entertainment, hospitality, transport will surely help you get the results you want for your family reunion. Involves the help of volunteer early into your planning of a family reunion. This will allow you get the help you need for plenty of time to organize and think about the answers to many questions that will come up such as financing and the When, what and hows. Also, consider strengthening the sense of ownership and commitment of other members of your family for the meeting.

Ask members what they like to do. You will be able to identify the talents and skills of each, and thus establish committees dedicated to specific tasks.

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While one committee will be responsible for the accommodation, another will be responsible for the meeting, another program and activities, fundraising, catering, hospitality, cleaning, transport In the case where you have guests traveling for the event, it is advisable to extend the duration of the family meeting up to one week maximum.

It goes without saying that the longer the time interval between two events, the more the organizers can breathe and the more it will make the family reunion rare and exciting! Seasons are of course a determining factor in choosing the time of year to reunite your family. It is obviously necessary to favor dates for which the most people can make themselves available.

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If you organize your family reunion in the middle of winter, you risk kids being in school and compromise long-standing Christmas or holiday holiday plans! Customize the look and feel of your website. Insert a logo and match your colors to support your reunion theme. We'll help you have the best reunion ever. Why MyEvent?

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We offer the best rates in the industry for service and credit card transaction fees. We are a PCI compliant payment processor, online since and we use modern, secure payment encryption technology. Sign up for free and start building you reunion site in minutes. It's so easy to use our platform.

Easily build your reunion site. Sell tickets, register your family members and raise money all in one place. For over 17 years we've helped thousands of families reunite and stay together through our websites. Trending Reunions. We look after one another and hone our roles as husbands and wives, significant others, moms and dads, children, siblings, grandparents, extended family and friends, nurturers, mentors, counselors, disciplinarians, accountants, appointment makers, and chorekeepers.

We endeavor to stay fit, eat better, be positive and encouraged. Every day.

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Every week. Every month. Every year. With this being both Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Month I hope we all find the strength to share, encourage and support those in need. October is also Positive Attitude Month.

We hope you have a great October viewing the falling leaves, radiant fall foliage, and spending time with family. Be well.

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