God on the Starting Line

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You may have thoughts running through your head like — How do I cope with daily life now? Am I worth being loved?

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Can I ever be whole? Will this pain ever stop? Am I losing my mind? Am I a second class citizen?

Youth | Philadelphia Church of God

What do I say to people? Who am I now? How do I deal with the things people say to me? How do I handle these overwhelming emotions? Is it too late for me?

Turn Your Finish Line into a Starting Line

Do I deserve to have any dreams again? Do my mistakes mean I have no future? Can God ever use me now?

But God… He took me by the hand and led me step-by-step out of that quicksand and onto solid ground, and He wants to do the same for you. Thank you for your comment, Pastor Chavis.

The Kingdom of God is Your Starting Line

I can fantasize about my top five boys running to the level they should, without any history to say otherwise. No one has let himself or me down, yet. The world is open.

While the ending is predictable, the journey to it is worth the effort. Order this Book Now from Amazon. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.


The FCA Starting Line: Your New Life in Christ

As the breakdown in the unity of ideals that lead to globalisation is challenging the basis of a common ground for contemporary art, the exhibition wonders how other shared premises could be negotiated. How can an aesthetic basis for the language of contemporary art be accepted if the ideological bases of contemporary art are crumbling?

How can positions that claim disparate and conflicting genealogies sit together in a shared exhibition space? These are complemented by other practices based on more investigative approaches to art making, where form, content, and political positions are researched and presented as evidences and references. A leading line through the various aspects and works in the exhibition is drawn from the language of textiles, weaving together several of its historical traces and layers.

Who should become an instructor?

A material and vocabulary common to different cultural spaces, textiles also have a firmly routed history in art, making them possible sites for parallel processes of historiography. Textiles hold a different position in negotiating relationships with places and contexts, in ways that the individual agency of artists escapes.