History of the Police Department of Rochester, N.Y. : from the earliest times to May 1, 1903

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The history of Arizona from the earliest times known to the people of Europe to The history of Russia from the earliest times to ,. The history of France from the earliest times to The history of Russia from the earliest times to Skip to main Skip to similar items. HathiTrust Digital Library. Search full-text index. Available Indexes Full-text Catalog Full view only. Advanced full-text search Advanced catalog search Search tips. Search HathiTrust. Tools Cite this Export citation file. Work in Rochester. Embroidered Subway Cap. Rochester Subway T-Shirt. RTC Token Rochester Railway Co.

Token School Fare Token NYS Railways Token Vintage Postcard , Rochester Rail Equipment. Order Reprint. Vintage Postcard c. About two months ago I attended a presentation by Matthew Caulfield on the history of Seabreeze Park. Caulfield started working at the park when he was a young twenty-something whippersnapper. The following notes and images are just a snippet of his entire presentation which he has assembled over time with the help of his friend Alan Mueller….

This created a destination, and of course more business for the transit company. Most of them settled in Philadelphia, but a few including Arthur Long, settled in Rochester. Arthur operated a carousel at Ontario Beach from to In Arthur wrote to his brother George about opportunities at Seabreeze. His son, George Long Jr. He renamed it Dreamland Park and closely managed every aspect of its operation until he retired in When his children took over the business they renamed it Seabreeze.

Built in , Karnival Kourt was a long promenade of games and rides. It burned down in One of the rides at Karnival Kourt was Honeymoon Trail. Matthew Caulfield says he has no idea what was in this ride, but he jokes, it always looked dark and trashy so he never went in it. This was a section of the park called Boardwalk Park. Unfortunately the theater did not win approval from the Town of Irondequoit and was never opened.

Apparently people were afraid drivers would be distracted by the giant screen which was facing toward Culver Road. Can you see the movie screen in the photo above? The land was eventually purchased by Seabreeze for its water park and additional parking. The Jack Rabbit was repaired and got a new loading dock. And the Old Mill was completely rebuilt on the other side of the Jack Rabbit. Incidentally, the man who operated the Jack Rabbit, Jack Kirby, literally lived in a house with his wife underneath the roller coaster. Over the years the park has been plagued by fire.

One of the most heart-breaking was the fire that claimed the Seabreeze carousel on March 31, One of course is the Jack Rabbit. And immediately above it in the photo is the Natatorium. It was the size of a football field! It had water slides, a merry-go-round, a fountain, diving platform, and bleachers for spectators.

Even a restaurant. So where is the Natatorium today? So in it was drained and shut down. A roof was added and it became a bingo hall. Today the building is used as a warehouse for the park. Caulfield tells me the pool tiles can still be found lining the interior walls of the warehouse. Thanks Matthew! When the Longs came to Seabreeze in there were already two other M. Long, Sr. One of the two, owned by a man named Brown, from Albion, was in the Grove from on Brown would follow fair dates and the settle the machine in the Grove for the summer.

The other M. Both were early Spillman track machines. The blueprint shows three M. They hired George Lawrence to help them run it, all three men living in a shanty near the Grove. In park owners wanted to build the Dreamland dance hall where the Long M. It was that building that burned in It burned August 25, from p. That fire destroyed the Jack Rabbit loading platform, lift hill, and the original Old Mill to the east of the Jack Rabbit.

As its popularity waned, it was converted to a bingo hall. It burned the night of May , , the alarm being turned in at p. Two hose lines played water on the Jack Rabbit to keep it from burning. There were at least three bingo venues over the years. One was in the converted Danceland, after it was no longer used for dances. The Natatorium constructed , opened July 1, , drained and closed May 24, was covered over and used as a bingo hall until World War 2. Later a bingo hall was set up in the building between the M. Figure Eight. Built It was removed in to make way for the Jack Rabbit. Paul Ruben incorrectly reports that G.

Long tore it down in to make way for the Virginia Reel. Name changed to Greyhound at end of Located east of M. Ghost Train complex. Station now used for Bumper Car ride. Suffered fire damage Badly damaged by the fire of , according to newspaper accounts.

Apparently not rebuilt. Jack Rabbit. New loading platform and lift hill, plus new Old Mill, built after the August Dreamland dance hall fire, which also destroyed Hilarity Hall a hall of mirrors type fun house? Virginia Reel. Partially destroyed by fire on October 5, Rebuilt as the Jack and Jill Scenic Coaster, a kiddie ride, which burned in Built , according to data on Internet, by Philadelphia Toboggan Co. Located immediately north of the Jack Rabbit, with part of it lying next to and east of the Jack Rabbit.

Junior Coaster.

Eugene V. Debs Internet Archive

Built on wooden tracks by G. Long in Rebuilt on tubular rails as Bobsleds in the winter of not in as stated elsewhere. Bunny Rabbit, There were at least three stages. One was part of the Natatorium, on its southern side, facing the pool. Built by G. Long in Merrick gives and to the west of the Jack Rabbit lift hill and south of the Pagoda. Later used as games pavilion by Ken Murai. Bumper Cars. Uses loading platform of old Greyhound coaster. Called New Skooter when owned by Jack Kirby. Original Old Mill built on the land between the loops of the Jack Rabbit see park blueprint with loading platform and water wheel immediately northeast of the Jack Rabbit platform.

Rebuilt after the August Dreamland dance hall fire under and adjacent to the lack Rabbit lift hill.

24 Century Hill Drive - Latham, New York 12110 - Tel: (518) 355-3371

Later converted to the waterless Subway, then to Kaleidoscope. Torn down when Kirby house removed. Miniature Railroad to east of Jack Rabbit. Train, using old Odenbach Shipyard cars, between toilets and Stage to bluff now taken by Seabreeze Expressway rte. Later M. Circle Swing, installed , ca. Tom Thumb Golf Course ca. Sanborn map of shows a Penny Arcade at the west edge of the park along the trolley tracks north of the MG-R. Loop-O-Plane at north end, east of Penny Arcade, ca. Damage to Old Mill and Jack Rabbit.

Severely damaged by fire October 6, Not rebuilt. Station now used for Bumper Cars. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed. There are a couple of things I miss that were lost in the 94 fire… The cool museum section that was in the carousel house and the goofy house, which they never rebuilt. I wonder how long it took them to notice before someone got canned.

Gyrosphere was my other favorite ride. Even after the laser show upgrade. This is terrific. I would love to go into that warehouse to see what else exists of the natatorium! Patrick, sorry, that was poorly worded. Lots of people seemed to have fond memories of that one. What was in there? No charge to get in. We were brought up to behave and obey the law. They had to start charging to get in due to all the trouble makers coming there.

The world sure has changed. With the spectacular view of the lake, a ferris wheel seems an obvious ride to have as a permanent fixture. Time and space basically.

I could have written for days and filled up a thousand pages with all the attractions and fun facts related to Seabreeze. Stay tuned. Each time I go past the old building on my way to Don and Bobs, I can almost hear the water splashing. The goofy house had one of those rotating barrels, the usual funny mirrors that made you extra tall and skinny or extra short and fat, split moving stairs, rollers like you used to see at grocery stores that you could walk over not sure how else to describe them , the best part was the end where you got a giant burlap sack and went down this awesome slide!

It was such an awesome fun house. I do remember a ghost train next to the goofy house, but I never got to go into it before it closed which was well before the fire. I was too young. There USED to be a ferris wheel in seabreeze park proper. It was red and the cars were completely enclosed and egg shaped.

I really wish we had taken more pictures when I was younger. The few pictures I have of seabreeze from when I was a kid are badly damaged from being put in storage. I was kinda shocked when I went to the Seabreeze website and saw how much had changed since I was last there which was probably years ago by now.

Very disappointed in the rides that were removed. Why did they get rid of the Gyrosphere?! It was just an indoor scrambler! Ah, nostalgia. Oh, also, the little museum that was inside the carousel house had such awesome things in it. Really OLD games that people played. Like the first arcade games and such.

I remember being a little kid and spending a long time in that section, when most kids just wanted to ride the carousel. This was in the early 80s What year old loves museums and history stuffs?! This one! The Goofy House was my favorite. It burned with the carousel.

I remember a Haunted House next to the Goofy House which was also gone, after the fire. The northern part of route now passes through the location of the Natatorium. I remember there was a small portion of the warehouse still standing. Does Matthew Caulfield mention any crude graves found during all the construction that went on at Sea Breeze? Denonville executed two Canadian trappers before marching on the Seneca and I believe it occurred on the present site of Sea Breeze. Regarding Denonville: Based on numerous artifacts found on the eastern, wider part of the sandbar, all historians I have read place his main camp there.

Several factors require me to dispute the historians and fix Sea Breeze as the center of activity. The saddest day in Seabreeze history is not mentioned above. I lived on Titus Ave between Culver and and watched as dozens of police cars from every agency around flew by to control the literally rampaging swarms of kids who had taken the bus in from the city to go start multiple fights there we even heard there were a couple of stabbings. Previously you could go down there to hang at the arcade, maybe eat some fried dough, buy 5 tickets for a Jack Rabbit ride or 2 for the bumper cars or even just sit and people watch and buy nothing at all.

One of the saddest days in my life. She slipped and was crushed between against the tracks by the tube. I believe when the ride reopened the tube no longer rotated which kinda defeated the point, but I can see why they did it. On lighter notes, the old Go Carts, the mini golf course harder than Whispering Pines! And the Rocko Planes were used by a lot of people like a ferris wheel whereas we kids tried to perfect our technique to make the cage stay upside-down or spinning constantly for as much of the time as possible.

Sea Breeze was a treasure. I still remember the old sailplanes that hung down on chains and when they started the ride going round and round you would use the big wooden sail in front of your car to control how high or low your car would fly. I would like more info on the Boardwalk Ferris Wheel which may have been one of a kind. I rode it once as a kid back in the s. By the sixties, the gondolas had been removed and the wheel stood unused. I can confirm that it was constructed of steel and wood.

The seats were made of wood as was the rim of the wheel and the rim was painted green. Each gondola had a front and a back seat and could hold four people. All passengers faced the lake. If this was a maufactured ride, do you know what the MFG name was? I worked with Matt Caulfield in the hotdog and hamburger stand when I was a teenager. He was a great guy to work with and it was good for a young girl, like me, to have someone I could trust. She in the snack bar and I in the ice cream stand. I remember the Ferris Wheel that was located at the lower end of the park that was separated by a dirt path from the Sea Breeze Amusements.

However, I believe that it was involved in the fire that destroyed the lower end of the park in I hated passing him since he did not wear dark glasses and his eyes frightened me. I worked in the hotdog stand in the late 50s and met my future husband there. He worked next door in the ice cream stand. I was sent over to help him one busy Saturday and he kicked me out because I was too slow! We all worked with Matt Caulfield. My friend, Judy, and I were the first to ride on the water flume while it was being tested. Pictures were taken. I spent so much time at the park every summer.

We got to ride for free and play skeeball by using a fake coin on a wire. In I left for college and my park days were over. I went back a few years ago and so much has changed. Good memories, all. However, unlike a conventional wheel, the enclosed egg shape seats were designed to be rocked and even completely rolled over during the ride. The rider could control the action of the seat. Go to youtube and type in Rock O Plane and you will see the ride in action. The Seabreeze Rock O Plane actually showed up in several different eras in the park. I do not believe that it is currently standing in the park.

I remember the riding The Subway with my Mom in the 50s and maybe early I think they closed it because it was dangerous. It was really fast , as a kid I loved it. Had many fun times in the 40s There sure have been many changes through the years. The old merry go round was a wonderfull place so beatifull the horses that were carved.

The old folks loved to sit in the rocking chairs and keep time with the rythym of the music that was playing with the sound of the different instruments Just wonderful. Good old days. I swear I remember something being there. I have not been able to find anything to back up that claim. It was a super-fast ride on rails with sharp turns. I think that was over near the JR too. Its entirely possible im mixing up my parks too. I had no idea there was a Ghost Train at Seabreeze at the time of the fire in I was about 5 when the fire happened.

I DO however remember going in the Goofy House in the summer of when I was 4—one of my earliest memories of Seabreeze. It had to be since it burned down along with the carousel. My grandpa used to go in it when he was a kid. Once he was super drunk and threw up in there when he was a teenager. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr.

Caufield in and going through the archive of old photos in the sign building behind the Jack Rabbit. There are drawers and drawers full. It was awesome. I even saw the Natatorium tiles in the warehouse, which is built where the Natatorium was. I remember I was at my aunts house with my older sister while my mom was out getting stuff for Easter and it was on the news and we both gasped. My mom must have taped it because that clip was from the 11 PM newscast.

Eugene V. Debs Internet Archive

It was on the news for days. At the Rundel Library, I looked up the original newspaper from the next day. So heartbreaking. Bob Lonsberry wrote a poem about how on the last day of the season, after a long hot summer, the employees all took one last ride on the old carousel together to celebrate getting through another summer at Seabreeze and then it would fall silent again until May. Little did they know it would really be the last time it would be ridden.

I wish I could remember riding the original carousel. My earliest memories of Seabreeze are from the fire, believe it or not. Even if they did close the Gyropshere.

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Please wish him a speedy recovery so he can get back to work at Seabreeze soon! And do keep me posted! Matt Caulfield was a dear friend when I worked at the park in the 50s. I did not realize he had a child or children. I hope he is doing o. Would love to know. He has 4 daughters, several grand kids and a even a new great granddaughter! Janet, thank you for the update! And say hello to your dad for me. Will he be coming back to work at Seabreeze? I remember that there was a special day at the end of the school year when we were given a card with tickets on it for the park.

There was one to get an ice cream, another to get peanuts, another to get a drink, and several for rides. There was a punch-hole in the card, with a string through it, so we kids could put them around our necks and theoretically, at least, not lose them. While there were no tickets for them, we all made sure to scrimp a little money to play Skeeball and Fascination. So much fun. To impress the bast audience of this site? I know what I know. Seabreeze was here then but we did not get there until our first child was 3 years old The park has been here in various costumes since the late s.

Many notes, toys and pics are no longer there due to a fire in which took the original carousel and the Museum housed there. Seabreeze began as, and still is, a family-owned and operated park. Originally the Long family from England opened it in , and now by some of their descendants, the Norris family. Incidentally, the young Norris family lived directly across the street from us for several years after he took over management of the Park. Today it offers a huge WaterPark with the requisite wave pool, lazy river and numerous water slides and also has a very popular graduated age water park for those 1 and 2 yr-olds thru the grandparents with them who had never tried a water slide before.

The Park offers something for every age. Our family cut their teeth on the Kiddie Park and then graduated junior rides, in the 80s before water parks. Many kiddie rides are still there — some added and some changed. Roller coasters range from the Bunny Rabbit, bobsled, historic, original wooden JackRabbit 4th oldest in the US , to new wild and twisty.

Diverse other rides abound, for ex. The park is both big enough to entertain and small enough that even young teens can be dropped off in a group and picked up later, lines are short with a diversity of rides, arcade games, Midway Show, food booths and restaurants and parking is huge and free. The carousel takes pride of place. A new, rarely created today, hand-carved set of steeds and decorations was commissioned using 4 horses, that were off-property for maintenance, as style patterns. Also a true replica Wurlitzer organ was built. The fire also claimed the Museum, noted above. I mentioned that the park is almost always very safe.

There have been 10 fires of varying degrees over the history of the park. In the 80s City riots and gang fights invaded Seabreeze.

When Schools in Rochester NY Change Names.

Fist and knife fights broke out. Seabreeze management immediately closed the park and took a couple weeks security fence the entire property and institute entry fees to protect the public and families that use and love the park.

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  • Today there are choices for pay-one-price entry and season family passes. A young girl climbed out of her car in the Haunted House to scare her friends in a later car, got stuck and was crushed by the mechanics of the train ride. The attraction was permanently closed and replaced. There have been very few years that we have not been, at least once, to Seabreeze. For the past 23 years it has been the corporate choice for both hubby and my Company Picnics, catered at the park and full pass for all rides, for very small personal fee.

    We used to take our family and kids friends, now we take the grandkids. They open the park at a and drag us home after closing fireworks at 10p. Our most recent trip was this past Aug. They, of course, hang most at the waterpark, with multiple Jack Rabbit and roller rides. I still enjoy the bumper cars!! Fire on High- No, it was a young girl in the Ghost Train. She was there with a bunch of her friends, with her sister babysitting them, and they went on the Ghost Train. They were goofing off and she got out of the train to walk beside it, but she tripped and got crushed to death.

    I was researching amusement park deaths and my mom told me all about it, having a personal witness. Ruiners will ruin unfortunately. I worked at Seabreeze during the early 60s, mainly at the Pagoda. Also worked at the larger refreshment stand next to the the Ice Cream Stand. Many fond memories there. Also remember Coke a Cola days, when you could get on any ride for a nickel and a Coke bottle cap.

    Great site! That was a pretty popular consensus. I do remember when the girl got killed in the ride, we were just there a few days before. I also remember the Kaleidoscope down near the Jack Rabbit, as a kid not knowing you were supposed to be hopped up on drugs to get it, but there was never a line, so it was fun. If you look back at one of my postings regarding the Ferris Wheel that was located in the Boardwalk Park, you will see a verbal description of the ride.

    I have never seen one like it until fairly recently! I came across a post card of a Ferris Wheel that is almost identical to the aforementioned wheel. I was able to download this Ferris Wheel image which is in public domain. I would love to forward it to Rochester Subway or Seabreeze to see if this jogs some memories regarding the Boardwalk Ferris Wheel. I can remember riding this Ferris Wheel shown above in the mid to late s. I only rode it once but remember it vividly because it was much different than the Eli Bridge Ferris Wheels that were very common in that time frame.

    Extensive web searches over the years turned up nothing until recently. I have attached an image of the postcard with this email. It is in public domain. As I recall, the Boardwalk Wheel was shutdown sometime in the s and the gondolas were removed. The wheel stood unused for some time, by the late sixties the ride had been torn down.

    Does anyone know when the Ferris Wheel was built? Anyone know if Mr. Caulfield still gives his presentation, and where? Thank you! It was finally demolished about two years ago. One of the park owners lived in the old place until he moved to Webster. Also some interesting stuff in the warehouse as well. Kind of polack-esque constructed on the top of the Natatorium, large front room with large walk in coolers, then a back space akwardly jutting out along the original foundation, poorly lit, that contains myriad of old ride peices and various other dust-collecting historical sets.

    Will, are you talking about down Parkgrove road? Google street view shows some little houses that look a bit like refurbished barns. View date is Two points I have to make in hopes that more information can be found. I never seen photos of this pier built out over Lake Onterio. The Subway this was indeed a masterpiece. This was the ride that thrill seekers of that era could not ride enough.

    Up until today I never knew it was the part of the Old Mill ride. Thanks for the great site. Matthew Caulfield emailed me today with answers and corrections to some of the comments made on this post. So here it goes… this is from Mr. From to , the Ghost Train was ran as the redesigned Enchanter. Then it closed. Wheel rides, usually called Ferris Wheels after the one built by George W. They draw well at fairs and carnivals, but they tend to stand unrunning at amusement parks.

    The Natatorium was later roofed over and used as a bingo hall. Darryl Jones clarifies in comment 33 that it was a Rock-O-Plane. The writer also laments about old favorite rides being replaced over time. But a successful amusement park has to keep up with the times and offer attractions that draw customers.