How to Wrap Vehicles (Mastering Vinyl Application Book 1)

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Top 5 Rules for Effective Vehicle Wrap Design

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Lang Lang - Mastering the Piano - Level 1

How was your experience with this page? Needs Improvement Love it! Can you hear mouse clicks as you scroll through your script? What about page turns? Cell phones? Use headphones to monitor your recording. Turn them up to listen to what the microphone is hearing before you start your delivery or interview. Try to minimize any extra noise as much as possible. A cleaner recording will be easier to handle later on in the process.

Hard, flat surfaces reflect sound like a mirror reflects light. Leave space around you and your microphone to minimize early reflections.

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Set up on a carpet, near some bookcases, and away from walls. Also avoid reverberant spaces. Some offices, classrooms, conference rooms, and huddle spaces can be especially reverberant. You should notice a much more natural sound for your voice. Experiment with your microphone placement and capture test recordings to find what sounds best for your voice. This can also help mitigate early reflections caused by a desk.

If you do need something to hold your script, a music stand works well. Consider placing a piece of foam or a carpet sample on the music stand behind your script, to avoid early reflections. Most audio interfaces and recorders need you to set an input level for your microphone. To set a good, modest input level, speak at a normal-to-loud speaking voice and aim to make this level around dB, or about halfway up on most meters. With high-quality source material, even if your recording goes through a data compression codec like MP3 or AAC for distribution, it will be starting from the best possible source material.

Before recording an entire podcast, make a test recording first. Or listen back to a previous recording and compare it to other podcasts that you enjoy.

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Listen to your test in the environment you expect your listeners to be in, like a bus, subway, or car, and on multiple listening devices, from earbuds to high-fidelity headphones. Take some notes on what you might improve.

Does your read trail off at the end of phrases? Is there a lot of background noise or mouth noise that you might want to remove? You can also use this test recording to get feedback from trusted colleagues, both on the content and sound quality. Editing a script is much easier than editing audio, and gives you the advantage of having all your great ideas laid out in a text format that could be used for something else, like a transcript extra credit for timestamps , blog post, or even a book down the road.

This can set the context for your episode and wrap it up nicely—a great idea for presentations and pitch meetings, too! When scheduling your podcast for recording and deployment, be sure to leave time for a careful edit and QC quality control of your entire piece. Editing can be overdone, however, so challenge yourself to get the best possible read in one segment. Here are some tools built right into your DAW digital audio workstation or audio editing software that can help mitigate some problems in your audio and create a great-sounding podcast for your listeners:.

Everything else is filtered out.

Record Time: New & Notable Vinyl Releases (June ) - Paste

Be aware of using extreme boosts or cuts of more than 6 dB. They may sound good on your headphones or speakers, but may be too extreme on a different set of headphones. After compressing these louder sounds, you can turn up the overall sound of your voice, making everything seem louder overall.

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This can be helpful when people are listening to your podcast in noisy situations like a subway, car, or bus. Start with a ratio of and lower the threshold of the compressor until it activates only on the loudest sounds. It compresses the sound of your voice but only in the frequency range where very sibilant sounds live 4—7 kHz. A subtle de-essing can make your voice easier to listen to for a long period of time. Be careful not to overuse it, though, or you could lose intelligibility in your voice.

There are two levels that you will want to consider: peak and RMS. Peak level represents the amount of signal before the sound starts to distort. Generally, a peak level of RMS level approximates an average level of your signal. An RMS level around to dB should be good, and is similar to the level that services like YouTube and iTunes normalize material to.