Make a Difference: From Being Successful to Being Significant

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Intentional leadership is about living a life of significance. It could be to lose weight, exercise more, get to work earlier or even goal for our team such as a revenue or profitability goal. Once you taste significance, success will no longer cut it. One of my favorite workshop exercises is when I ask leaders to think of someone who has had a major impact on them — someone who has really helped them breakthrough or grow. Once they have a clear image of who that is, I ask what it was about that person that made such a difference.

14 rich and powerful people share their surprising definitions of success - Business Insider

These are consistently the top three traits I hear:. Intentional leadership is about being that person who inspires others, who adds value to others, who helps them go to whole new level.

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Soft skills are often the biggest differentiators between those perennially aspiring to be successful and those who achieve success. Effective communication is a skill. You have to be the master of your own ship before you can instruct others on how they should be sailing. Recognize when you get frustrated, and know how to manage your negative emotions.

How to apply your goals to your business

Communication is an art, and it takes time to learn how to perform well. There is a difference between being involved in something and being wholly committed to making it happen. To succeed, you must fully invest yourself in your goals and be determined to see them through. And nothing is more agonizing than watching someone else achieve your dream.

It may take years to fully learn how to commit to something. But learning to commit is key because it is the one skill most easily transferred from goal to goal. If you can prove to yourself that you can be persistent in one domain, chances are that you can be persistent in any area of your choosing.

14 rich and powerful people share their surprising definitions of success

But you have to do it once, and really see it through to the end, in order to fully understand what it means to commit and accomplish a goal. At best, you will remain stagnant. The process of developing, constructing and reconstructing is part of a journey that never ends. Keep testing new strategies and collaborating on different methodologies. Pioneers are those who push the boundaries and carve their own path in life. We learn by asking questions, not telling people the answers we think we know.

The Science of Being Successful - Sadhguru

Therefore, the more we question, the better answers we get. Part of becoming successful is taking the time to ask others for guidance.

There is so much value in asking questions. For starters, asking questions makes your brain more open to forming new patterns and considering different possibilities. The deeper your questions, the wiser you will become. And in the process, you will learn to understand yourself better. That self-knowledge will ultimately give you a sense of peace and happiness.

Why Helping Others Succeed Can Be Your Greatest Success

But if you want to have sustained success, you need to make time to reflect at the end of each day. Without reflection, you might as well have blinders on.

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