Noncommutative Geometry and Physics 3: 1 (Keio COE Lecture Series on Mathematical Science)

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MAEDA Yoshiaki 前田 吉昭

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The speakers were chosen by a Scientific Committee of ten members, chaired by Alan Weinstein, while local organization was handled by a separate committee headed by Yoshiaki Maeda and Giuseppe Dito. The meeting was preceded by a school of about three days, organized by Giuseppe Dito, Yoshiaki Maeda and Alan Weinstein, consisting of a lecture se- ries designed to provide background for the conference talks, as well as invited topical lectures by young participants.

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Poisson was the fifth in a series of international conferences on Poisson geometry, held every two years. Further information about all these meetings, as well as the one to be held in at EPFL in Lausanne, may be found on the Poisson Geometry Home Page at poissongeometry. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping.

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  • Sort By: Bestsellers. It was founded in the early eighties by the Fields Medalist Alain Connes on the basis of his fundamental works in operator algebras.

    It is now a very active branch of mathematics with actual and potential applications to a variety of domains in physics ranging from solid state to Tensors, Differential Forms, and Variational Principles by Hanno Rund and 1 more series Dover Books on Mathematics The aim of this book is to present a self-contained, reasonably modern account of tensor analysis and the calculus of exterior differential forms, adapted to the needs of physicists, engineers, and applied mathematicians.

    In the later, increasingly sophisticated chapters, the interaction between the concept of invariance and the calculus of variations is examined. This interaction is of profound Read more 1. Many of its calculations remain fundamentally unchanged from one field of physics to another, altering only in terms of symbols and the language. Using the theory of Lie groups as a unifying vehicle, concepts and results from several fields of physics can be expressed in an extremely economical way.

    With rigor and Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications by Sze-Bi Hsu series Series on Applied Mathematics 21 During the past three decades, the development of nonlinear analysis, dynamical systems and their applications to science and engineering has stimulated renewed enthusiasm for the theory of Ordinary Differential Equations ODE.

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    This useful book, which is based on the lecture notes of a well-received graduate course, emphasizes both theory and applications, taking numerous examples from physics and Noncommutative Geometry by Alain Connes This English version of the path-breaking French book on this subject gives the definitive treatment of the revolutionary approach to measure theory, geometry, and mathematical physics developed by Alain Connes. Profusely illustrated and invitingly written, this book is ideal for anyone who wants to know what noncommutative geometry is, what it can do, or how it can be used in various areas of This monograph is devoted to a clear and precise, yet pedagogical account of the associated concepts and methods.

    Geometry and Physics

    Advanced Calculus by N. Steenrod and 2 more series Dover Books on Mathematics "This book is a radical departure from all previous concepts of advanced calculus," declared the Bulletin of the American Mathematics Society, "and the nature of this departure merits serious study of the book by everyone interested in undergraduate education in mathematics. Harmonic and Subharmonic Function Theory on the Hyperbolic Ball by Manfred Stoll series London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series This comprehensive monograph is ideal for established researchers in the field and also graduate students who wish to learn more about the subject.

    The text is made accessible to a broad audience as it does not require any knowledge of Lie groups and only a limited knowledge of differential geometry. The author's primary emphasis is on potential theory on the hyperbolic ball, but many other An Introduction to Differential Equations Stochastic Modeling, Methods and Analysis Volume 2 by Anil G Ladde and 1 more Volume 1: Deterministic Modeling, Methods and AnalysisFor more than half a century, stochastic calculus and stochastic differential equations have played a major role in analyzing the dynamic phenomena in the biological and physical sciences, as well as engineering.

    The advancement of knowledge in stochastic differential equations is spreading rapidly across the graduate and postgraduate programs A Mathematical Introduction to Compressive Sensing by Simon Foucart and 1 more series Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis At the intersection of mathematics, engineering, and computer science sits the thriving field of compressive sensing.