Salaman and Absal

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Absal is died and Salaman is alived. A philosopher cures him and with the friendship of zohre remedies him to forget Absal. Salam and Absal is secret tale. Ebne Tofeil of Morocco in his works named Hay-ebne-Yaghzan, mentions the characters salaman and Absal. However it may be with this, I am sure a complete Translation-even in Prose-would not have been a readable one-which, after all, is a useful property of most Books, even of Poetry.

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In studying the Original, you know, one gets contentedly carried over barren Ground in a new Land of Language-excited by chasing any new Game that will but show Sport; the most worthless to win asking perhaps all the sharper Energy to pursue, and so far yielding all the more Satisfaction when run down. Ah, happy Days! When shall we Three meet again-when dip in that unreturning Tide of Time and Circumstance! Or returning-I suppose you remember whose Lines they are.

A Day with the Community of Sufis - روزی با جماعت صوفیان

And now, should they beckon from the terrible Ganges, and this little Book begun as a happy Record of past, and pledge perhaps of Future, Fellowship in Study, darken already with the shadow of everlasting Farewell! Sixty years have passed, and methinks I now see before me the bright Image of the Holy Man, and feel the Blessing of his Aspect, from which I date my after Devotion to that Brotherhood in which I hope to be enrolled. He also by his Goodness sowed in my Heart the Seed of his Devotion, which has grown to Increase within me-in which I hope to live, and in which to die.

Oh God!

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Dervish let me live, and Dervish die; and in the Company of the Dervish do Thou quicken me to Life again! Eye was upon him; day by day draws him nearer and nearer-till at last the Sheikh announces to those about him-"Lo! Meanwhile he had become Poet, which no doubt winged his Reputation and Doctrine far and wide through Nations to whom Poetry is a vital Element of the Air they breathe. This, though Oriental, is scarcely Bombast.

Salaman and Absal

Such is the House that Jack builds in Persia. He, and, on his Account, the Caravan he went with, were honourably and safely escorted through the intervening Countries by order of their several Potentates as far as Bagdad. This getting wind at Bagdad, the thing was brought to solemn Tribunal, at which Hasan Beg's two Sons assisted.

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Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and Salaman and Absal of Jami

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