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On the first day in the woods, Sid hiked to White Creek Falls and took pictures of the breathtaking scenery. But the falls was at the end of Trail When he went to take Trail to circle back out, he discovered it was closed. He now realizes he should have backtracked, but he tried to forge on ahead anyway. He had not come prepared for an overnight stay in the woods — and especially not three nights.

By Sunday, he needed to sleep. By dark, it was clear he was not going to be rescued that day.

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Monday would be his worst day, as the rain got more intense and the search had to be called off because of the fear of tornadoes. It was so cold. Back at the trailhead parking lot where he had left his car, Grace recalls a hiker coming out of the woods and telling her he had turned his flashlight on and seen too many copperheads to count.

That hiker called it a night. At daylight on Tuesday, Sid walked halfway up a mountain, then followed a spring that was running down the mountain. Sid was wearing Carhartt overalls made of a tent-like material, and after they got wet they began scraping at his knees. From Saturday through Tuesday, they had worn his knees bloody.

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When he got to the bottom, he filled up his canteen with creek water. He had brought water and a bag of trail mix into the woods. By Tuesday morning, he had eaten everything but the peanuts. He began to eat the peanuts. When he was rescued, he had about two tablespoons full of peanuts left. Sid said he never saw any snakes. The views were spectacular. Sid believes he walked 30 miles or more during the four days in the wilderness.

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He came out of that forest smiling. Before he left, Chief Deputy Kirkpatrick offered some advice. He feels it was his family as much as faith that got him through.