The Boy Who Came In From the Cold

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Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Sort By: Bestsellers. Three good reasons to flee his hometown and pursue greener pastures. But when Todd reaches the big city, his luck runs dry. Read more 2. Anything Could Happen by B. For a start, he can stop living a lie and finally come out of the closet. A Murder of Quality , by contrast, has Smiley trotting off to the countryside to solve a murder mystery with all the innocent glee of a Miss Marple.

The benign Smiley of that novel is replaced in The Looking Glass War by a ruthless fixer who abandons one of his colleagues in an East German apartment building black hole and leaves another on the floor.

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In tears. And these are colleagues. His creator disagrees. His real name is David Cornwell.

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He really did work as a spy in Berlin in the late s. And then when the Cold War ended, instead of retiring in disarray, as expected by the literary critics, he produced a series of furious broadsides at the inequities of the capitalist system whose triumph his characters fought and, often, died to bring about.

But will it destroy our affection for Smiley and his people? I suspect not. Bring it on, old dears. Bring it on. The spy who came in from the Cold War Tue, Sep 13, , More from The Irish Times Books.

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Sponsored Free workshops at your Local Enterprise Office will prepare your business for customs. Ireland must prepare for international tax turbulence. Employers are recognising the importance of supporting employees' mental health. Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Autoimmune response. One friend described this as refreshingly male; another said it worked for her as if it were a virus that somehow infected her without triggering any antibodies. I was Mr. T-cell from page one.

Odd ruminations on how expensive things are; clumsy interjections from POV subconscious thought—what are you, a queer? I wanted to like this. My body was not ready.

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View all 25 comments. Jun 07, Rick rated it it was amazing. It has everything a true fan of the genre could want--a ton of heart, a dash of angst, and pure emotion that will drive you effortlessly toward laughter and tears. BG Thomas has crafted realistic, conflicted, and genuinely sympathetic characters that you can't help but come to love Although the story is simple, it is never simplistic, and it will resonate with you long after you read its final--and very moving--last pages.

View all 3 comments. Todd was raised in a very small town, by a mean, belittling and abusive step-father and a seemingly disinterested and neglectful mother.

His best friend from childhood Joan became his girlfriend, because that just seemed how it was supposed to be, but he never quite understood the thrill of sex that all the other boys bragged about. A situation with his 3. A situation with his best friend Austin gave him the final push he needed to leave all that behind and go after his dream of becoming a chef.

Things don't work out and like the title says, he is literally out in the cold, freezing in a blizzard. Gabe sees him, mistakes him for a hustler and despite a rocky start takes him into his apartment and his life. Soon a friendship begins that quickly turns into more. Comparing Gabe to Joan and all the differences between them, slowly understanding why he never got as excited with Joan as he should have and why he is very excited around Gabe.

I enjoyed watching Todd slowly 'get' it, realizing things about himself he probably knew all along, but fear and the prejudice he grew up with held him back. His passion for cooking was great and his sense of taste and smell weren't limited to food and drink, he also enjoyed all the manly smells, which should have given him a clue. The first third of the book is full of sexual tension although Todd doesn't quite get it yet, but Gabe certainly knows why they seem to have constant hard-ons around each other. I would definitely categorize this book as instant lust and love follows soon after, I can go with that, for Todd especially, since he is literally saved by Gabe.

I am not quite as convinced as to Gabe's feelings, he does seem to fall in love easily. I didn't see the ice around his heart the blurb mentions, if anything I thought he had a very big heart for Todd and right from the start. Gabe is almost too good to be true, he steps in and takes care of Todd and helps him in a lot of ways, but then he had a good role model.

Peter, his boss, did something very similar for Gabe years ago. I enjoyed the character of Peter, he was full of wisdom and wonderful quotes that kept me googling to find out where they came from. He stayed a bit mysterious and I liked that about him. Gabe has also done something like this before, he and his then lover Daniel had taken in a young man, Brett, off the streets, but that whole situation didn't end well.

Without giving too much away, it's safe to say both Gabe and Todd were cheated on by previous lovers, although it could be argued that they weren't totally free of all fault either. Gabe's back story with Daniel and Brett was a little disturbing , it just didn't sit well with me and I was slightly confused by the whole thing. I didn't understand Gabe and how he thought it was going to play out if he had actually gotten what he wanted. For me that whole Brett situation could have easily been left out. I'm still not sure what purpose it served. I was a little uncertain as to their sex life, they are very attracted to each other but Todd has a stipulation and Gabe goes along with it and I sort of forgot about it until the end of the book, and it was brought back up, so I am guessing that's how it happened.

So for those of you out there who don't like a lot of sex in their books, this one is for you. This really was a Cinderfella type story, a down on his luck sweet kid with big dreams and an evil step dad is saved by the older, handsome and very wealthy man. They fall deeply in love with surprisingly little conflict or angst and all their dreams come true. View all 5 comments. First of all, the GFY part was barely that.

I didn't love the saintly characters, the strange way Gabe said "shitfire" all the time sounded kind of old-manish , and the storyline with Todd's parents. Everyone seemed a little bit like caricatures, too perfect, too convenient. It didn't have the real quality. To top it off, the sex scenes missed the mark. Despite my issues, there was something about this story that kept me up late at night reading. It was easy to soar through the pages, and I found charming elements amidst all the trouble spots. At times I even liked it a lot but then a scene would come along that was so eye-roll-inducing that all of my issues with the story would come rushing back.

I think perhaps cinder-fella isn't my favorite theme. I don't love a damsel in distress story so maybe this one started at a disadvantage? Either way, despite a nice cover this one wasn't a win for me. Sad face. View 1 comment. Apr 30, Emma Sea rated it it was amazing Shelves: coming-out , phobic-parents , first-time , homelessness , age-difference. For some reason I just adored this book. The storyline has been compressed so that a year's worth of plot takes place in a week, but somehow the attention paid to characterization means I can let that slide.

When we get to the sex it's incredibly joyous and triumphant. This is one of those books where I have no antibodies for its flaws and it just glides straight through and infects my happy. All warm snuggly love and delicious food. Sep 27, Sunny rated it liked it Shelves: sweet , m-m , first-time. A sweet fairytale that made me smile. I enjoyed it, but I couldn't take it too seriously. Certain events were so unlikely and implausible and the characters' actions too often didn't make sense for the situation. I really liked the MCs, though, and the sex was nice and steamy. Jun 18, GayListBookReviews rated it really liked it.

This book was not the story I thought it would be from the blurb and this trope. I was expecting a huddled, feeble man-child found half hidden in a snow drift and rescued by a rough, emotionally damaged, stoic barbarian. If that is what you are expecting too, let me be the first to say, wrong book. And thank goodness. Until he realizes the one person who has shown This book was not the story I thought it would be from the blurb and this trope. Until he realizes the one person who has shown him kindness, an openly gay man, is his only hope.

Todd is not comfortable with himself. He fears the desires he feels building inside, to touch and be touched, by men. He has dreams that he sees shatter into bits. His pride burns. He is desperate for a chance to make it on his own in Kansas City, but nothing seems to be working for him. He lacks the street smarts to go with his ambition and he knows it. Does he dare ask for help from someone that confuses him, scares him, sees him? Can he allow himself to get close to a man who openly expresses the feelings and desires that he tries so hard to ignore?

Gabe is perfect. An out and proud man, he sees a younger version of himself in this scared and desperate man and knows he can help. Just for a night, maybe two. Or at least until he gets on his feet. I adored Gabe. His compassion for Todd, despite a past that would put anyone on edge, made me cheer that all would go well.

One of my favorite parts is near the beginning of the story, and shows these two men well. Gabe has to go to work the morning after bringing in Todd from the cold and he leaves a frozen chicken ready to be stuck in the crock-pot to cook. First, Gabe left Todd, knowing only what Todd had told him, alone in his apartment. He showed him great trust. Todd recognized that and wanting to prove to Gabe that he is worthy of the trust, he prepares a nice chicken dinner, much better than what Gabe had expected. Todd wanted to earn that trust and Gabe gave it without strings.

It might sound funny, the beginnings of love over a chicken dinner, but I saw two men who were trying. Tracy, the sceptic and cornerstone of this little family of friends. She is wary of Todd, but her loyalty and love for Gabe make her an ally in their lives. Peter is Gabe's boss and mentor, but he is also his closest friend. He sees a beautiful, broken yet determined man and knows that Gabe and Todd can be healing for each other. I love how they all build each other up. Peter is a joy. I loved his influence on both of these men, showing them another example of what love looks like.

His approval and help move these men in the right direction. I enjoyed the pace of this book. I loved the strength and pride these men had. And I loved the sweetness and joy that would pop up throughout the story. There was also pain and growth and wounds that had to heal.

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All were written seamlessly. Well done, Mr. Thomas, for giving us a great story. I enjoyed it greatly. Reviewed by Beans Jun 25, Sandra rated it really liked it Shelves: m-m-yeah-baby , angst-and-drama , flowers-and-chocolates , contemporary , naughties , out-for-you , insta-love , fluffy-mcflufferson , book-challenge , own-it. This is a bit of a Cinderfella romance, with Gabe being the Knight in shining armor, and Todd being the neglected, mistreated and downtrodden boy needing to be rescued.

Then again, it's also a super sweet love story, and despite the insta-love, I didn't feel as if either Gabe or Todd were using each other. A sweet romance, fluffy and full of sugar, set in the same gay-friendly KC universe in which most of B. Once again, Charlie David delivers an entertaining production that cuts some of the too-saccharine sweetness from the story, leaving only enjoyment in it's wake. This is one of those times when the story itself doesn't resonate deeply but I like the narration so much it elevates the final rating much higher than it would be as if I had simply read the story.

This is an insta-love heavy-dose romance they know each other a 3. This is an insta-love heavy-dose romance they know each other a week before the I-Love-You's are exchanged Cinderfella story. Todd is the down on his luck kid from a small town who's been tossed out of his place on the eve of one of the biggest snowstorms to hit Kansas City, MO in years. Gabe is the out and proud gay man who helps him in spite of Todd's constant problem with foot-in-mouth disease. Todd has constant off-putting inner dialogue that repeats the horrible, heinous things his stepfather has told him over the years.

That and the whole side story with Todd's mother and stepfather - is what would have made me crazy had I just been reading the story. Gabe was just so sweet, understanding, loving, sexy Thomas believes in character substance over heat - so the sexy times are not plentiful, but what's there was definitely enjoyable - and I did like the character development enough to continue the series.

Bottom Line: Thoroughly entertaining thanks to Charlie David! Copy generously provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review. This review has been cross-posted at Reviews by Jessewave. May 01, Heller rated it really liked it Shelves: m-m , contemporary , younger-older , instalove.

It didn't dawn on me until part way through this read that this was about him and that I was finally getting my wish. Todd left his small town to find his dream job in Kansas City. He wants to apprentice under a chef he wildly admires but she's not interesting in teaching him.

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold

That starts a chain reaction of bad luck that culminates in Todd without either a job or a place to live with a blizzard o 3. That starts a chain reaction of bad luck that culminates in Todd without either a job or a place to live with a blizzard on the way. He meets Gabe, who takes him in to his home in a pay it forward scenario that was sweetly Cinderfella-esque.

Todd's struggling to come to terms with his sexuality and Gabe is struggling to resist the attraction he feels for the younger man. This was a romantic little story with a lot of call backs to Thomas' previous characters which was a lot of fun, I really enjoy the world he's built here. May 02, Eli Easton rated it it was amazing. This was my first book by BG Thomas and I quite liked it.