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Articulate your preferred leadership style, but also acknowledge that some situations are best handled with other approaches. To substantiate your answer, give an example of how your main leadership style produced results from your team in your current or previous position.

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How do you balance your loyalty to your customers, shareholders and employees? When answering this question, tell the interviewer how you see customers, shareholders, and employees related to each other in the context of their business. If asked for an example, focus on one to discuss in the interview and then break down your thought process.

How you came to the decision can be more revealing to an employer than the actions you took. If the decision left your customers, employees, or shareholders unhappy, how quickly did the benefit outweigh the cost of that dissatisfaction? Were you considering alternative strategies or ideas?

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How has that decision benefitted the company since? This question provides an opportunity to present your knowledge and involvement with your company as well. Do you know what aspects of your company shareholders are most attracted to?

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Has that insight influenced the way you manage employees? Were they unhappy or reluctant at first before you found a way to get them to embrace it? If so, how did you turn it around? Employers want to see that you not only have great ideas, but also have the ability to promote these changes effectively.

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This question opens an opportunity to guide the interviewer towards visualizing you in the role. People development is a common theme throughout executive interviews. Employers want to see how the people who work for you will grow and develop into more talented individuals. This is an optimal time to include information about what a few of the top performers that worked under you have gone on to accomplish in their careers either within the same company or at a different one.

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For example, if you mentored someone who continued to move up into an executive level of a respected company in the field, that would be a valuable story to tell the employer because their success reflects on you as a leader. Tell me about your experience with transformational leadership , or turning around a company.

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If this is one of the questions you are asked, then it is an indicator that the company has specific areas of the company that they feel are broken and need to be turned around. Take this opportunity to find out what those are and then take a consultative approach when discussing the business case.

Do you believe in letting low performers go in order to create new openings for better talent, or taking other actions first, such as putting them on a professional improvement plan to improve their performance? Are you an advocate of using metrics to track and reward performance, or do you focus more on empowering your employees to achieve benchmarks? See our detailed Privacy Policy.

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