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Why do supporters feel so passionate about the club? The answer is identity; our identity. In many ways supporting Rangers is partially how we define ourselves. This is why so many people are desperate to convince you that Rangers no longer exist. No-one would care. At the time of writing, a Charles Green consortium has bought the club and another led by Walter Smith is attempting their own takeover.

In the space of a few hours the fans have went from utter desolation, to the euphoria of knowing there are Rangers men willing to move Rangers forward. Since both groups will proceed on a newco basis, why would attitudes change so radically? The supporters know that a Rangers under the likes of Walter Smith will be a place where they belong - whereas a club run by those only interested in making a personal profit will not. The technicalities are irrelevant.

Contemplate the Rangers situation over the last few years. The club was financially mismanaged to an extent that it was in a death-spiral with no way out. The PR was non-existent; as long as you kept Murray, Bain or Whyte out of it, you could insult the club and fans as much as you wished with no comeback. Even the SFA seemed to perceive Rangers as the enemy, rather than a member club in trouble.

The club was suffocating and we could all feel it. Now we have a chance to re-group. The worst financial outcome has happened yet we will come through it. If anything the Rangers support has revitalised. Being a Ranger is a gift from the past and links us to previous generations. Its why, regardless of even the worst case scenario, our history cannot be broken unless we surrender it.

And why we will soon let the world know we are still here. During my journalism studies I have had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing many top names across a wide variety of fields. Me, the customer, I lost out because of a financial crisis that I played no part in. Football is a sport, bending over backwards to accommodate a club, or its many fans, makes the validity of the competition questionable. They see the fundamental injustice of this saga and find the same-club claim insulting. The word Sevco matters.

Title stripping is on the table since the OLD club should still be stripped of titles for cheating. He said they were never in the SPL and on that point we are all agreed. Now as for club continuity,the transference of the SFA Membership, obtained by the club in ,is the original membership of that association which continues unabridged from The Rangers Football Club PLC to The Rangers Football club Limited,therefore carrying historical continuity of the club.

There are many clubs that have went through the same liquidation process that have had their club continuity recognised by UEFA,why should this not apply to Rangers,a member club of UEFA. Or is it simply just in Scotland that there is a refusal to recognise the club continuity because of the hatred against the club.

The company was originally called Sevco Scotland Limited, the name change required renaming the old club before the new club could call itself The Rangers Football Club. As for the rest of the post, refer to my article. James Atherton, why, if you hold the cursor over the rfc badge does the cursor not find a link to that team, when all the others do? Look up Dunfermline Athletics page and look at their last game. Do the same with Blackburn Rovers as well. It clearly means new company.

Not new club. Rangers are not a new club, just run by a new company. Rangers went out of business because of debts run up by the club, this new distinction between company and club has been invented to suit the Sevco narrative. They are not separate entities. In Rangers Football Club changed its legal status when it was incorporated.

The company and club were the same thing. When the club could no long pay its bills, the company and the club simultaneously went out of business. What Charles Green bought was the assets of that club, not the club itself. They are a new club. He is building a new club with the carcass assets of the old club If he bought the club they would not be in liquidation and they would still be alive but with huge debts to pay. The club ran the debts up, therefore the club went out of business.

The club and company are the same thing, the club requires legal status in the form of the company to carry out its business. Incidentally, as regards the Scottish Cup, Rangers entered at the same round as the other Division Three clubs the club were not exempt from that round. As for the SFA membership, Rangers have the same membership as always though at one stage a temporary membership was issued while things were being sorted out.

Ah, the temporary membership! The one nobody had heard of before the SFA created it to ensure Sevco could begin the season. The reason is because the new club had no status. Scottish cup entry is based on where a team finished in the league set up the season before. Top 16 teams start in 4th round. If its the same club why should they need to be invited to join a league they are already in. The SFA has bent over backwards to accomodate this new club.

A corrupt organisation who are now being bullied and mocked by charles green because he knows R. C Ogilvie will ensure he gets away with it time and again. No garry, entry to the round Rangers at which entered the Scottish Cup is based on present league status. Scottish cup seedings meant that if newco were same club, they wldnt have played until most recent round due to their SPL finishing position in season Good blog Angela. They have tried to influence and fudge so many issues on this admittedly new scenario that it has allowed others to blue the lines between fact and fiction.

Maybe this might have shed some of the baggage whichis still very much apparent. The company went bust. The club is an asset transferred from the old company to the new company.

Beetle juice Remembers the glory days at the bigotdome Ibrox Rangers Fc 1872-2012 yer deed

Club and company are the same. The rangers will still get co efficiency pts thru scots fitba for 5 yrs…. I know I have posted a couple of times on this so apologies for going over it again. This is from an official HMRC site. UEFA stance is that a club cannot play in Europe unless it has 3 years accounts. Sevco fans think this is a punishment for sins committed. It is not. It is UEFA rules.

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The rangers FC does not have any accounts, hence new club and not able to play in Europe. Tony is half-right. Rangers are barred from Europe for not producing accounts. The deadline for accounts was 31 March. Frankie whats your IQ? Surely in your low IQ world as it is financial then its the company, that means fans are NOT buying into club hahaha. The proof is in the pudding Angela, Rangers have the most season ticket holders, highest average attendances and highest viewing figures for a Scottish club, all this despite being in the bottom tier.

Defiance or not, new club or not, rule bending or not the game in Scotland as we know it, poor as it is would die without them, do you agree? Celtic in last 16 of Champions league. Armageddon never happened as spouted by the compliant main stream media The game is far from dying. That point of view you are pushing is made up by the self importance and denial of the fans of Rangers and Sevco. Absolutely no evidence that the game in Scotland would die without them…all evidence from the SPL this season is the exact opposite.

We are still here

I can find a rangers women team but not rangers, or the rangers, in the teams and players pages. Are they not in existence anymore? From what I understand you cant buy history…. The Scottish media has bent over backwards to endorse the notion that a zombie club doing a semi-credible impersonation of the defunct Rangers is sufficient reason to pretend that nothing serious really happened. Everything is supposed to be more or less okay apart from the unfortunate temporary displacement of Sevco-Masquerading-As-Rangers from the pinnacle of Scottish football.

The same Chick Young then sped to Glasgow Airport to intercept another referee and persuade him to go back home. Former referees Kenny Young and Stuart Lovell appeared to have unlimited access to the airwaves of all the major broadcasters while simultaneously having the sympathetic ear of every Rangers-friendly hack in the press. This particular episode highlights as well as any other the proof that the Scottish media wilfully ignore the facts and peddle outright lies in a sustained campaign to defend the interests of a corrupt system which has always taken it as read that — whatever else happens — Rangers must always be guaranteed a position of dominance in the Scottish game.

That preposterous and outrageous premise is still close to the centre of the Establishment agenda in Scotland and that is why the ludicrous idea that a dead club still exists is being promulgated with such fanatical determination by the poodle media. Rangers are dead.

Sevco are trying to step into the vacuum. No honest, honourable person is going to lie down and allow them to do that. Keep up the good work. If the company and club are different, why was the club deducted 10 points for going into administration!! The Old Rangers were deducted 10 points for going into administration. They finished the season as the old club before going into liquidation.

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Sevco the new club started in division 3…with no points deducted. You miss the point Tony, this fabrication that the club and company are different is nonsense. The old company was a football club, the new company is a new club, end of. Another one i would like to ask. Why is Leeds still the same club when they went through the exact same as Rangers?

Unfortunately, no matter how many times this is blogged or said online, it wont ever be true. Rangers are the same club they have always been. It might be unfair and it might stick in peoples throats that they have got away with it, but it is true, nonetheless. The Football League authorities at the time canvassed members and it was decided that the punishment already given out to Leeds United docking of points and relegation was deemed enough and the FA membership transferred from oldco to newco on the premise it was still the same club.

Leeds United are still the same club today as they were in or Their history is displayed on various League authority sites and UEFA clearly recognise its the same club given some of the statistics you can view. There is not a single better scenario to compare to. The only difference between Leeds United and Rangers is that for now, Rangers oldco are not liquidated yet. When that happens in the new year then the situations are identical in law. No axe to grind.

No establishment accusations. This season, Rangers have been awarded 0. If the club is a different club, then can someone please tell me who UEFA are giving these ranking points to. UEFA only update pages of teams in the top division of each league, hence the outdated information on Rangers page. John mc lelland ex rfc director was on the ECA board when it was founded…the ECA are feck all with odd clubs…pile a shyte. It ceased to exist. Their is so much ambiguity with regards to wordings of statements but there has never been one definitive statement from the SFA or UEFA one way or the other.

If you are of the Sevco persuasion, can you give a definitive description as to why your club is not part of the SPL? It is utterly amazing that people cling to the idea that Charles Green bought the history — as though that meant trophies. But second, if he is claiming he bought the history — does that mean he bought the historical debt? Well it seems not. Now I am reading a statement from the ECA which, forgive me for being cynical about the timing of the statement, but … is there a share issue coming up?

It was already a member? And you can say the same for SFA membership — why would Rangers FC need to transfer membership if the club was already a member? Yet STV have reported this twice now. And in any case, the ECA is a private members club. It is not UEFA. They know it.

In reality, Scottish football and many in the media has chosen not to accept that Rangers went bust. In doing so it has facilitated a way in which millions of pounds of debt, much of it to the taxpayer, can be wiped out — no questions asked — and it is utterly shameful. What matters is that a club owed millions. It went bust, leaving creditors and every taxpayer in the land out of pocket, then the Scottish football authorities pretend that it never went bust at all.

To wipe away millions of pounds of debt via liquidation, then pretend you are the same club, then boast about being debt free, is not unsurprising coming from the dignified ones. But when the Scottish Football authorities and Scottish media facilitate this, then it is a scandal. Hi Adam. Your statement regarding Leeds United differs from the Rangers case in one significant way.

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The NewCo, you say, bought the OldCo, which was then liquidated. That is not what happened in Rangers case. Charles Green bought only certain assets of the OldCo. The OldCo did not become a wholly owned asset of NewCo. Different scenario. Newco Rangers bought Rangers Football Club and its assets. Because your chairman stated on the record that if a CVA was not agreed the history was gone. Interesting and well written article. If only I could bring back my dead friends and family as easily as the Newco support and MSM seem to have Rangers risen from the dead. Rangers died in and anything that plays at Ibrox now and in the future is nothing more than a tribute act.

Anybody realised that Scottish football would be worse than the league of Ireland without Rangers yet? Ask the buisnesses around Ibrox if its fair that Rangers still exist, ask all the 3rd divisions teams that are making a killing also the businesses in the surrounding areas. What about all the millions Rangers have paid to Scottish clubs for players, TV money they have helped generate for the game, Money given to charity………I could keep going the list would be endless.

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Its all a bit desperate and hate filled in my opinion. Rangers went out of business owing money to other clubs. The policies of Rangers did far more damage to Scottish football during the Murray era than good. I referred to your article as asked and yes i know full well what the name of the company was before changing to The Rangers Football Club Limited. However that company is not registered as the company that owns and operates the club now,that company is the one mentioned. So to be honest if you think calling the club Sevco gives you credence with this blog,you carry on,personally it seems to me that you are trying to play to an audience of people that hate the club.

Now at the risk of repeating myself,why is it that UEFA recognise the historical continuity of other clubs that have went through similar process as The Rangers Football Club PLC and Rangers,a member club of UEFA,should not have their historical timeline recognised as continuos by the ruling body. Can you answer that,without showing your undoubted dislike for the club that is. Furthermore,it does not matter in the least what your opinion of this is, as the club continuity is recognised by the football authorities and indeed the next trophy won by the club will go down in the annals of Scottish football as being added to the other trophies won by the club in all competitions since date of formation, The transference of the SFA Membership ensures that.

Maybe you should concentrate on subject matters that you have got a better understanding of Angela, because your understanding of the workings of the ruling bodies of football is very,very low indeed. We disagree and we will continue to, I understand completely why Rangers fans will not see this from my point of view, but do try to be civil. I believe I have been civil Angela. Are you able to answer my point re Leeds United and why you think Rangers should be treated as a new club when Leeds United were and have not.

Rangers 1872_ the Gallant Pioneers - Gary Ralston

So you agree that whilst it may be an injustice, the precedent of Leeds United, one that no-one can explain, proves that Rangers are the same club. Thanks for the chat, all the best. So essentially, you are saying you are not interested in the fact there is a perfect replica precedent 5 years ago, miles away in one of the biggest League organisations in the world as well as a European Body operating out of Switzerland saying that you are wrong. How much damage did the Rangers brand do to Manchester?

How much was the facepainter owed? What happened to the proceeds of the last charity match? If a business that was formed in is liquidated, then please explain what this has to do with a football club that was formed in Just footballers. OK, if you take part in the share issue, are you buying shares in the club or company? If the company goes bust, do those shares carry on with the club? The answer is no, because the club and company are the same thing. The club and company are the same thing?

An honest question here. Rangers play in Scotland under SFA rules. People keep mentioning clubs from Italy an, England andd other European leagues as examples. Its about standing up to bullies and a complicit media. Rangers died, Sevco grovelled their way into the 3rd division and they will forever be known as Sevco to all except those who follow them and of course the aforementioned media. There are compelling arguments on both sides. The most important part thing mentioned in this blog is the utter lack of humility shown by the officials and supporters with regard to the outstanding, unpaid creditors.

THAT is the real hypocrisy in this horrible mess. Shame on you. Can you please answer this question,Angela. Why is it acceptable for other clubs that have went through the same or similar process to Rangers to have their historical timeline continuity recognised by UEFA and yet in Scotland there is such a furore over Rangers,a member club of UEFA, being accorded the same by UEFA? Why would it be fair if Airdrionians who actualy played in the Scottish leagues cannot continue their history?

People are cherry picking precedents from all over Europe when they could easily look to their own country? The SFA will break with all tradition and rules they have worked under for a century to make sure the cash cow continues.

Airdrie were not bought whilst in administration. Neither were Gretna. Nor Third Lanark. Leeds were. The club live on, it has only been transferred or sold to a new company after the old one went bust. Something different this time, right? The club and company are separate, its the company in liquidation, not the club.

But hold on — did the company get docked the sporting points sanction for going into administration, or the club? Ah, right, it was the club — but what for? After all, that administration has led to liquidation of whatever entity was in administration. So if the company only is being liquidated, it must have been the company that was in admin — not the club? Yet the club were docked 10 points. What was it buying to run up such massive debts? What did it own, what assets did it pay for? Players, perhaps? Players which played for and were registered with….. Its certainly a sound argument, that the club has been simply sold on to new owners.

In fact since it is the parent company which is in trouble, the club was never ever in trouble at any time in the last few years — there was no risk whatsoever, was there? Why all the fuss? Why did the assets have to be bought? And as for those assets, one is the history, right? I mean, its not ridiculous is it? History can be bought and sold as an asset after all.

Then again……. Put shortly, the current law does not recognise the existence of such organisations as separate legal entities. Note rangers choose to incorporate itself in a company.

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If someone wants to claim the spirit of Rangers lives on etc I have no issue with that. However, the cold hard legal facts are that The Rangers founded in exists no more. Read my post above and check Companies House, not wikipedia.