The Rainy Day Killer (The Donaghue and Stainer Crime Novel Series Book 4)

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Be sure to come by the bookstore on Thursday evening to meet and chat to local mystery author Mike Martin. He will be here from pm to pm launching his new mystery novel, The Body on the T. Winston Windflower and his trusty sidekick, Corporal Eddie Tizzard. After making their debut in Walker on the Cape , Windflower and Tizzard are back to solve yet another mystery in Grand Bank, Newfoundland.

There is no identification on the body and few clues to identify who the person was or where they came from. There is also a devastating accident on the highway and another suspicious death to deal with. And to historic St.

Filled with traditional Newfoundland food and culture, The Body on the T is another fantastic, mysterious treat from a wonderful local author. She will be here signing her new book Grandma Says from pm to pm. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this book will go to the Alzheimer Society of Canada. Grandma Says is a collection of eighty weather-related sayings and prognostications based on traditional knowledge and experience. Now a meteorologist at CTV Atlantic, Cindy explains the origins and the science behind this weather lore, so that readers young and old can better understand the world around them.

Cindy Day grew up on a dairy farm in Bainsville, Ontario and has been a meteorologist for over twenty-five years.

Blood Passage

Ray Rivers will be in the store on Saturday, April 13 from pm to pm. He will be here signing his new book The End of September. Romance, intrigue and action are all in this story of a couple caught in the middle of a conflict that nearly tears the nation apart. Russel Douglas was found the day after Christmas, and what initially looked like a suicide, a single gun shot to the head, was determined to be murder when no gun was found.

It took years of dedicated police work to solve this case, but strangely, the book is not really interesting. There are too many people and too many digressions from the actual case. Rule includes everyone the police interviewed, and there were dozens. The chronological order kept shifting; sometimes it was difficult to understand exactly when an event occurred.

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The lengthy descriptions of everyone involved and all of their family members and who they married and their children and grandchildren were unnecessary especially since almost everyone had been married two or three or more times. And there were plenty of repetitions of easy to remember facts while including all of the pointless information. If the book had cut to the chase and maintained focus, it would have been half , maybe even one third of the length. Labels: true crime. Labels: crime , mystery. Thursday, October 10, The Fregoli Delusion.

Another book in the Donaghue and Stainer series by Michael J. Having a witness to a crime, but one that is subject to compulsive misidentification, presents a unique problem for Donaghue and Stainer. The reason I liked Blood Passage so much was because of the way the crime revolved around the idea of children and past lives, and McCann's research into the studies concerning this phenomenon. The twist that The Fregoli Delusion presents makes this murder investigation much more interesting.

Nightmare Next Door: Murder on Hagadom Hill Road (True Crime) - Crime Documentary - Reel Truth Crime

It isn't that difficult to figure out at least for the reader , but proving it is a conundrum. Once again, although part of a series, each book works perfectly as a stand-alone.

Posted by jenclair at AM 3 comments:. Labels: mystery , police procedural. I admit to being partial to mysteries featuring archaeologists or old manuscripts, diaries, etc. In addition to that predisposition, I enjoy books that deal with spiritualists like the famous Fox Sisters, Eusapia Palladino, and Cora V.

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Posted by jenclair at AM 4 comments:. I've been reading a little less lately and playing more in my studio.

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About Michael J. Learn more about Michael J. Also by This Author. Vera Springer reviewed on on Feb. Donaghue finally made the grade and who wouldn't want to have brothers like Stainer.

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Well rounded out the charactors and brought to life the realism of what a close family can do. Michael makes you want to be part of it all. Report this book.