THE UFO WAR, Earth Attacked

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It was huge and could silently hover and the move at will. The Navy and Coast Guard got the go ahead from the Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox and began firing at the Unidentified flying object in the sky around am on the morning of the 25th. From the beginning of the attack until the early morning around am the Military fired over rounds of The object kept moving from Santa Monica to Long Beach and seemed to have no damage done from the barrage of shells that were fired at the UFO. There were thousands of witnesses including very credible reporters from every newspaper in the area that saw the UFO up close and personal.

Later after all was calm the US Military reported that it must have been just a weather balloon. The extremely odd thing about that is all of the witnesses stated that it was clearly not a weather balloon, but a large circular object that was being maneuvered in ways that no balloon or even aircraft of that time could have.

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Also, after firing rounds of shells at the UFO it continued to move along unscathed. Juror gets jail time for missing trial after oversleeping. Remembering pioneering actress Diahann Carroll.

Voter to Republican senator: Is extortion okay? Don Lincoln. Over the past 70 years, more than ten thousand similar reports have been made. Most reports were eventually debunked as weather balloons, the planet Venus or even oddly shaped clouds.

World Invasion Battle Los Angeles - 1942 Invasion

Some accounts simply arose from nothing more than the fevered imaginations of UFO enthusiasts. But not all reports could be dismissed so easily. The news of those accounts became public knowledge from a story in the New York Times and a new miniseries on the History Channel.

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These media and entertainment reports brought the incidents to the attention of government leaders. The question that comes to mind is: "Are these aliens?


Keep looking for UFOs. Given the professionalism of the pilots who reported the sightings, I am fairly certain that they did indeed see a UFO. The problem is that many people jump directly from the "unidentified" in "UFO" to "flying saucer. There is simply no credible evidence that the Earth is being visited by aliens.

There are no artifacts, no clear photographs, no captured aliens, no alien bodies -- nothing. The reports of UFOs are from eyewitnesses or poor resolution photographs or videos.

FOO FIGHTERS: World War II UFOs Before and After

Ask a criminal prosecutor about the value of eyewitness reports: they have contributed to a majority of the convictions that were later overturned by DNA evidence. An eyewitness can be an unreliable source of information and, in the case of something as extraordinary as the observation of alien spacecraft, pedestrian evidence simply won't do.

As Carl Sagan often said, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The reality is that unidentified means just that. The pilots could have seen a real object that they couldn't explain, or they could have experienced an instrumental artifact, which is basically just a glitch in the electronics. In the San Diego incident, there were earlier reports of high-altitude radar contacts from surface ships.

Remembering the Battle of Los Angeles: UFOs or Enemy Attack?

And just prior to when an unidentified object was recorded on the fighter jets' infrared camera, there were reports of something in or just below the water. Even though there were multiple observations of multiple phenomena, what is missing is multiple reports of the same phenomenon. It would be hasty to link these independent observations together. Does alien life exist? While alien visitation is unlikely, as long as there remains even the faintest chance that there exist aerial objects with capabilities beyond those humanity can achieve, we should continue to investigate the possibility.

After all, if these objects are real and actually move in the ways that the pilots reported, it's something that any military would want to know about, as being aware of credible threats is one of their key responsibilities.

'Prepare for invasion' Ex-MoD UFO chief drafts WAR PLAN for future ALIEN assault

There was a time in history when the working explanation of UFOs didn't involve extraterrestrials. During World War II and before the flying saucer craze, Allied pilots reported UFOs that they called " foo fighters ," which were thought to possibly be a new weapon employed by German Luftwaffe. By the same token, these modern accounts should certainly be investigated in the event that they actually exist and are of earthly origin.