Yoni Massage - Advanced Techniques To Sexually Please A Woman

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How to give a Yoni Massage

This is a friendly and supportive space for all your questions, shares, and celebrations. A schedule of the live sessions will be sent out in advance of the start of the pledge and recordings will be made available to all pledgers the following day.


Featured Prizes. Full sponsor list here. Sign up to win. When women come into reverence for their orgasm and their sexuality, the possibilities are endless. After all, the world is in some serious need of vibrant, resilient, and embodied women. Our orgasms are the key.

As a result of The Pleasure Pledge, you may experience:. This is primarily about pleasure, not climax. The pledge is about bringing more joy into your life through an elevated experience of your sexuality. It is important to differentiate between orgasm, female ejaculation or squirting and Amrita. When you are able to feel and consciously let yourself go, you can distinguish between an orgasm and squirting , which can happen together with an orgasm or on its own. Female ejaculation is not urine, although the first few times, when you are just about to ejaculate, the feeling is so similar that many women interrupt the massage to go to the bathroom.

Below are 5 Essential Preparation Tools:

Female squirting is a liquid that is produced in the skene gland, or female prostate , and is a fluid very similar to that produced by the male prostate. Amrita, known as tantric nectar, is a sacred liquid that the woman secretes when she reaches total ecstasy with a tantric orgasm. If you want to book a tantric massage for women in Barcelona , Madrid or London, or learn how to give tantric massage to women in a tantric massage course in London or erotic massage workshop , you can ask for information in the contact section.

Tantra and Sexual Yoga for Women You can also do Yoni massage as a couple and by using the most basic techniques and a lot of love, the results will be very healing. During the intimete massage , concentration and consciousness are very important for the male masseur , as well as keeping the five makaras or elements in mind: Akasha Ether Wide circles between the legs and breasts Vayu Air.

Massaging the stomach and thighs Texas Fire. A series of upwards movements, carried out repeatedly, along the yoni Apas Water. Downwards movements all around the vagina Prithivi Earth. At the appropriate time, press several sensitive points inside the yoni gently and firmly. Massage of Yoni — Female Anorgasmia Our sexual organs have been repressed and censored since childhood, generating feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment.

Anorgasmia is a wound in the soul that needs healing with a lot of love. G-Spot Massage and Squirting When the chakresvara, or tantric Master , reaches the genital area he rubs the outer part of the yoni with his finger tips, using gentle, circular movements. Types of Tantric Orgasms There are several kinds of orgasms that can be identified by the different chakras: Located in the throat. This orgasm can be experienced when practicing oral sex. Tantric fellatio , or mahabatki can lead to a subtle, drawn-out and deep orgasm.

The heart orgasm. The chakra is located in the chest and orgasm occurs when the breasts and nipples are stimulated, creating very loving feelings. In line with the navel, and also known as a cervix or bell orgasm. The best way for women to feel this orgasm is via deep vaginal penetration, in the Amazon posture i. Located in the vagina. It can produce female ejaculation or squirting. It is important to remember that this should not be the goal of a tantric massage session.

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Located in the anus. It can be achieved by stimulating the anus with the penetration of a finger, penis or toy. It is a short but very powerful orgasm.

It is basic to awaken Kundalini. Squirting or female ejaculation, orgasm and amrita It is important to differentiate between orgasm, female ejaculation or squirting and Amrita. For those of you who have been wondering what is a yoni massage, I would like to take some time to delve deep into this mysterious practice and share with you exactly what is a yoni massage and how to massage a vagina, either on your partner or yourself.

Yoni Massage - Tantra Massage for Women - Gerard Ribó

Follow the instructions in this yoni massage guide to learn some tips to help you master this orgasmic vagina massage technique and check out our infographic below. In the practice of tantra, a real yoni massage is the ritual of erotic connectivity between a man and a woman or two females focusing on massaging the parts of a vagina known as the yoni area. Yoni is defined as vagina in Sanskrit which can be interpreted as a sacred space. Traditionally, a yoni practitioner carefully massages the vulva and vagina whilst the receiver performs breathing exercises.

The idea is that both mental and physical tensions are freed, resulting in being able to take pleasure from the delicate yet enchanting tantric touches of another man or woman. Orgasm is not mandatory but a welcomed side effect! Did you know? Breathing is central to the art of tantra and authentic yoni massage. It can allow you to completely and freely let go of both mental and physical tension down there. It can also allow you to better connect with your partner.

Yoni Massage

This will tremendously enhance your yoni massage experience and allow you to take in all the spiritual and therapeutic benefits so it should not be overlooked. The following yoni breathing technique is designed to draw blood into the vagina, thereby enriching your yoni massage:. Instead of heading straight to the vaginal area as a way to warm-up, a more appropriate way to initiate touching is by starting with a gentle tantric massage of the body and breasts. Remember that a woman generally takes a little longer to become aroused than a man, so the aim is to build up arousal slowly.

Massaging the naval and stomach area is a great way to start as that area has lots of nerve endings. Gently massage the belly with some oil, slowly caressing the chest area, rib cage, lower belly and between breasts. This whole area is often ignored when lovemaking but is very effective when igniting arousal. However before actually touching the nipples, begin with gentle caresses of the breasts and then move onto playing with the areola. The body will start to respond to this so now the nipples can receive some love with very gentle pinches, teases and circling actions.

Now that the scene is set, the mind is prepared through breathing and the body is aroused, she should be ready to receive her yoni massage. Be mindful that, unlike most people assume, penetration is not necessarily required. The focus is around the other areas of the vagina to increase the blood flow to the nerve endings, so try and be open minded to avoid going too far internally. Below is a basic step-by-step guide on yoni massage techniques to get you started:. Start by gently massaging around the clitoris, bringing sensation to the area but not directly on it.

Some females will have different thresholds of sensitivity here as this is where most of the nerve endings meet, hence why the body hides the tip of the clitoris with a small hood.

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Small circular movements using two or three fingers around the clitoris hood should be performed slowly with extra attention to ensuring the touch is slow and mindful. It should be more of an exploratory style with varied circle sizes starting from large circles further away from the clitoris, moving into smaller circles as you progress.

Try to imagine you are lightly pushing blood flow to your target clit area, which sometimes, but not always, can be visibly seen as it starts to slightly enlarge and swell. When your circles have become so small that they embark on the clitoris hood, ensure you massage the skin here very gently and maintain circular movement in your touch. Avoid retracting the hood of the clitoris as this will expose the very sensitive tip, which may not be ready for direct touch stimulation.